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PHILOSOPHY: The School Board of Independent School District No. 750, Cold Spring, Minnesota recognizes that changes in how we receive, access, and communicate information occur rapidly in society. The School Board has established the technology committee to assist the district in using the tools of technology to accomplish the goal of providing a quality education.


  1. District Technology Committee: A district-wide technology committee will be established by the Superintendent.
    1. The membership of the committee will include media specialists, representative teachers, school administrators, and other appropriate members of the school staff.
    2. The makeup of the committee will reflect involvement from each of the district school buildings.
    3. The committee will annually select a chairperson and secretary.
    4. The committee will meet periodically and as frequently as necessary to fulfill the listed functions.
    5. The committee will have the authority to perform the functions described in this policy.
  2. Technology: For purposes of this policy, technology is defined to include audio- visual equipment, electronic or communication equipment, computer hardware and software, internet and web-based systems or applications, and assistive technology.


The District Technology Committee will:

  1. Provide guidance, feedback and direction on technology decisions having district- wide implications.
  2. Recommend revisions to the adopted media and technology curriculum.
  3. Review proposals for new technology including issues such as distance learning and elements of 21st Century technology.
  4. Annually review all district-wide budget requests for technology materials and equipment.
  5. Evaluate the appropriateness and the deployment of technology materials and equipment in all school programs.
  6. The committee is vested with the responsibility to recommend the reallocation of technology budget resources as it deems necessary.
  7. Recommend and review staff inservice involving technology.
  8. Assume responsibility for the District Technology Plan as required by the Minnesota Department of Education. A subcommittee of the technology committee will be responsible for annual review of the plan and district implementation of 21st Century technology.

PROCESS: The District Technology Committee will oversee the technology portion of the school district’s capital budget.

  1. The School Board will annually allocate the capital budget including the technology resources.
  2. The technology committee will be entrusted with the responsibility to frame the allocation of resources within the parameters established by the board
  3. All resource recommendations of the committee will also be reviewed by the district administrative team prior to implementation.