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Application for Educational Benefits

The Application for Educational Benefits (aka Free & Reduced Application) must be submitted to the district on an annual basis. Log into Skyward Family Access to complete the online application (see directions below). Or, you can fill out a paper application below and return by mail to the District Office or to your child's school. 

District Office
Attention: Chris Barker
534 5th Ave N
Cold Spring, MN 56320


Instructions for completing your Application for Educational Benefits Online

Step 1

 Log into Skyward Family Access


1. Choose any of your students from the upper left dropdown menu.
**Important** If you do not select a student the application will not appear (it doesn't matter which of your students you select because the application will process for the entire family).

2. Click the Food Service menu.

3. Click on Applications.

Image that shows where to click to start a new Application for Educational Benefits.

Step 2

The Food Service Applications menu will open. Click the Add Application button.

Step 3

Follow the on-screen prompts. You will click Next to progress through your application. You will first read the:

  • Letter to Parents
  • Instructions for Applying
  • Federal Income Chart
  • Privacy Act Statement
  • Non-Discrimination Statement

Then, follow instructions on each part of the Application. Once you have completed each part you will arrive at the Review and Submit page to finish the application.

Paper Applications