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Food Services

ROCORI food service mission is to fuel the minds and bodies of our students with nutritious and sustaining meals so they can thrive both physically and mentally, while instilling lifelong eating habits.


Food Service Reminders

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Where do I make lunch payments?
*Online through Revtrak Payment Portal
If you need Skyward Family Access login information, contact your child’s school or Mary Rothstein at 685-4905.
*At school – send family payment with one student.
*You can also set up Auto-Replenish payments through Revtrak.
How can I update my contact information?
*Contact the school with address, email and phone number changes.
*Automated low balance notification emails and calls are made at $10.00.
*Personal low balance notification emails and calls are made at negative ($10.00).
If you have any questions or concerns please contact: Chris Barker, Food Service Director at 685-4921.

Hybrid & Distance Learning

Breakfast Menu  Lunch Menu

High School/Middle School

Breakfast Menu   Lunch Menu


Breakfast Menu     Lunch Menu

Kid Care & Little Spartan Preschool

Breakfast    Lunch Menu



Meal Type




Breakfast Program - Student




Breakfast Program - Adult




Regular Lunch- Student (Elementary)

$2.65 $0 $0

Regular  Lunch - Student (RMS/RHS)




Regular Lunch - Adult




Double Entree - Student & Adult




Spartan Lunch-Student (RMS/RHS)




Spartan Lunch – Staff (RMS/RHS)




Double Spartan Lunch - Student and Adult