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Transportation Forms are due!

We need to know EVERY student who will be requiring transportation for the upcoming year, and who will be waiving transportation.  
Complete these forms by August 12th to plan for busing for the 2024-2025 school year.

Use the following links and complete the transportation forms based on your family’s needs. 
If you have any questions call the district office at 685-4185 or 685-4901

1. If you are waiving bus transportation, OR if your student(s) will need transportation from your home:

2. If your student(s) have a pickup/drop off from daycare at least once a week:

3. In addition, if there are health concerns for your student(s) you’d like to highlight:


ROCORI uses two different bus contractors to provide busing services throughout the district:

Richmond Bus Service
718 Main St. E
Richmond, MN 56368
(320) 597-2055


Voigt's Bus Service
PO Box 1
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 253-0510


As we prepare for each upcoming school year, the ROCORI District Office works to update your student’s record for bus routing purposes.  Please read the information below and follow the directions.  Your assistance is vital in getting correct student data to the bus contractors for routing purposes. 

Each year, we ask that you submit your information to us through the ROCORI Transportation Services Form.

  • It is very helpful for efficiency purposes if we know your student(s) is not planning to use the transportation system, so we ask all families to complete the Transportation Services Form.  If you do not have a computer available, please call the district office at 685-4901 for assistance.
  • You may decline transportation now and if your situation changes at any time during the school year, you may sign up for transportation during the year.
  • Route changes usually take 3-5 business days before taking effect. 

As we establish bus routes and schedules, please be aware of the following expectations:

  • We will transport all students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, during a single run of bus routes.
  • Pickup is set up at one location and drop off at one location.  The pickup and drop off locations can be different from each other but must be consistent locations every day.
  • If your child will be attending daycare or an alternate location other than home, we are asking you to fill out the daycare/alternate information form.  If you do not use a daycare provider, your student’s transportation will be set up as normal, to and from the bus stop nearest your home. 
  • All daycare/alternate location information that has previously been on file will be removed from your student’s record.  To keep our routing system accurate, this information is removed every year and you must submit an updated form each year.
  • Families with split households need to complete a form for each home address requiring pickup and/or drop off.

If your student has any health concerns you wish to share with your bus driver, we ask that you please complete the School Bus Emergency Health Information Card.