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Showing Respect

1. Obey a request to stop a negative behavior. 

Reason: Others will respect you more if you show positive behavior. 

2. Refrain from teasing, threatening, or making fun of others.

Reason:  Nobody deserves to be treated in a negative way. You might feel funny or cool now, but you will feel crummy later on. 

3. Allow others to have their privacy.

Reason:  People have the right to their private time.  Please respect that right, and then you can expect others to respect your right.

4. Obtain permission before using another persons property.    

Reason: You will be labeled a thief and untrustworthy if you borrow things without permission.  You could also face serious negative consequences. 

5. Do not damage or vandalize public property.

 Reason: You could face extreme legal consequences for vandalism of public property.  Also, everyone can enjoy these things if we take care of them together. 

6. Refrain from conning or persuading others into breaking rules. 

Reason:  People will stop liking you or wanting to be around you.  It also helps you make more friends.

7. Avoid acting obnoxiously in public.

Reason: In places with lots of people, don't ruin the experience for others.  You wouldn't want someone else doing this to you.

8. Dress appropriately in public. 

Reason:  Appropriate dress shows that you respect yourself and the area and situation you are in. 




1. What do all these things have in common?

2. Do you have to respect people even if you don't like them?  Why or why not?