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Following Instructions



1. Look at the Person

Student looking at the teacher


2. Say "OK"

Student tell a teacher okay after they make a request


3. Do the Task Right Away

Student Takes out a Piece of Paper


4. Check Back 

Student checks in with a teacher



  • Following Instructions will show that you are a mature teenager
  • Following Instructions shows that you are giving respect.
  • Following Instructions will let you get to do what you want sooner. 





  • Do you think following instructions is ever more important based on the location?


  • Do you think you will have to follow instructions you do not like as an adult as well?  What could consequences of adults not following instructions be?


Move Around

  • Students get into groups of 2 and 3.  Students will give each other instructions to follow and practice.  One student gives an instruction, and then switch to the other student. 
  • Play a class game of "Simon Says."  Students practice doing exactly what was said.  The last person wins.



  • If you do not agree with someone's instructions, how should you handle it?
  • What areas of the school, or anywhere, are important to follow instructions?  How does lunch, extra-curricular activities, and "non-school" times play into this? (e.g. How should you handle instructions at something like a ROCORI volleyball game?)
  • Why do you think adults expect students to "follow instructions" right away?