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Dealing with an Accusation


1. Look at the person with a neutral facial expression.

2. Remain calm and monitor your feelings and behavior.

3. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. 

4. Acknowledge what the person is saying or that a problem exists.

5. Ask if this is the appropriate time to respond. Say, "May I respond to what you are saying?"

6. If the person says, "Yes," respond truthfully and factually by either self-reporting, peer reporting, or honestly denying the accusation. 

7. If the person says, "No," delay your appropriate disagreement to a later time and continue to listen and acknowledge.



Watch and Discuss



1. Why is it difficult some times to handle the situation when you are accused?

2. When do you think you will use this skill?

3. Do you think this skill is something you will use for life, or is it an age appropriate skill that will not be used after middle school?