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Giving a Compliment



1. Look at the person you are complimenting.

2. Speak with a clear, enthusiastic voice.

3. Praise the person's activity or project specifically. Tell him or her exactly what you like about it. 

4. Use words such as "That's great," "Wonderful," or "That was awesome."

5. Give the other person time to respond to your compliment.


Receiving a Compliment



1. Look at the person who is complimenting you.

2. Use a pleasant tone of voice.

3. Thank the person sincerely for the compliment. 

4. Say "thanks for noticing" or "I appreciate that."

5. Avoid looking away, mumbling, or denying the compliment. 


Watch the Videos Below and Discuss







1. Why do you think it is important to receive a compliment correctly?  If someone says something nice to you, why are you expected to say anything back?

2. What is the toughest part about giving a compliment?