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 A rigorous program is the standard for our middle school curriculum. The four core classes in math, English, social studies, and science are taken every day all year for all students in grades six through eight. In addition, we offer many elective options for students to take and explore, which include choir, band, art, theater, technology and robotics, family and consumer science (FACS), physical education, health, and Spanish.  We encourage students to take a variety of courses in a variety of areas to discover areas of interests and talents.


The faculty, staff, and administration at ROCORI Middle School are dedicated to creating an environment that enables students to experience a structured, caring, and positive learning atmosphere.  It is our belief that such an environment promotes self-respect and an equal respect for others.  Since our fundamental purpose is to provide for the education and development of all our students, it is our commitment to develop skills in our students that will enable them to reach their highest levels of achievement.


A variety of programming options are offered in athletics, activities, fine arts, academic competitions and clubs at ROCORI Middle School.  These provide students an opportunity to further explore and develop the gifts and talents they have been given.  All extra-curricular programs are designed to balance each Middle School student’s overall educational experience and provide a way for them to have greater involvement and connection with the school and community

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Revamp Prevention and Education Program (formerly Anna Marie’s Alliance School Youth Program), is a great resource to assist students in coping with friendship, communication, bullying, self-esteem, conflict resolution, boundaries, emotional regulation and relationships. Students will meet once a week as a group with members of ‘REVAMP’ in the RMS Office. If you would like your son/daughter to participate, or have questions please contact me at gilbertsonm@rocori.k12.mn.us or 320-685-3296 ext. 4173.

Students listening to presenter speak at the 7th Grade Courage Retreat.

The RMS 7th Grade class took part in the Youth Frontiers Courage retreat Tuesday, January 8th.  The Youth Frontiers retreat staff assist many HS leaders in facilitating a variety of small and large group activities promoting a positive school environment. 

Another great episode of “Josh Hunt” is here! Episode 4 is all about STEM engineering. From the youngest learners in kindergarten to the oldest learners in high school at ROCORI, see how their hands-on exploration of engineering takes place.