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School Profile

Mission Statement
At RHS we.....
Create an environment that enables students to experience a structured, sensitive and positive learning environment

The ROCORI (ROckville, COld Spring, RIchmond) School District has a tradition of excellence in its academic and activity programs. ROCORI is a highly regarded public school system with sites in each of the communities.  The school district of approximately 127 square miles is located about 15 miles southwest of St. Cloud MN, on State Highway 23 with excellent access to the networks of Interstate 94.  The three community elementary schools along with three parochial schools provide a strong academic base for the student-centered middle and senior high settings.  ROCORI features strong academic programs with wide-ranging activity opportunities at all levels.

ROCORI Senior High School, which opened in its new building in 1969, was established in 1967.  It is the sole high school that serves over 2600 students in District 750.  In 2023-24 there are more than 940 students enrolled in grades 9-12 within ROCORI High School, ROCORI ALC and Spartan Online. In the many years of existence, RHS has established a reputation as a school that holds all students to high standards.

Curriculum & Scheduling
A comprehensive curriculum of over 270 courses is available to students.  It includes, College in the High School Courses (CITHS), Discovery Academy, traditional, remedial and special education courses. CITHS is designed to give 11th & 12th grade students an opportunity to participate in college level courses while still in high school.  The program provides the means for students to earn college credit without having to leave the high school setting.  We also offer an AP Spanish course.

ROCORI is under a modified block schedule, which consists of five 70 minute blocks per day. This schedule utilizes a trimester system, consisting of six terms.  Students are scheduled for 7.50 credits per year of which they must pass a total 28 credits of 30 possible to graduate.

Credits and Grades
One credit is equivalent to one academic year of study, or two trimesters (4 terms) of passing coursework.  Successful completion of one trimester (2 terms) is equivalent to .50 credits, and completion of one term is equal to .25 credits.  GPA and class rank are based on a 4.0 numerical equivalent of an “A”.  College in the High School (and equivalent PSEO) courses are the only courses graded on a weighted 4.0 scale.  (A= 5.0, A- = 4.57 etc.) GPA and class rank are computed after each trimester.  Grades assigned that do not affect GPA include:  (NP) No Pass (W) Withdrawal, (P) Pass, (I) Incomplete.

Other codes:

SS=Summer School

College=College in the High School

ALC=Area Learning Center

EL=English Language

RALC=ROCORI Area Learning Center     

PSEO=Post-Secondary Enrollment Option

Transfer = from another district

NS = Night School

Graduation Requirements
:  Students must successfully complete and earn passing grades for the following required courses and credits, and also complete the Minnesota State Graduation Requirements.  ROCORI course requirements include:

English 4.0 credits

Health .50 credits

Social Studies 4.0 credits

Phy Ed 1.0 credits

Science 3.0 credits

Math 3.5 credits

Public Speaking .50 credits       

Art 1.0 credits

Career Ctdn .25 credits

Consumer Economics .50 credits

Elective 9.75 credits

Total: attempt 30/pass 28








Of the 53 licensed certified faculty members 49% have a minimum of master's degree.  Over 80% of the certified faculty members have over 10 years of teaching experience.


ACT Exam Results 2023 Seniors


Subject Areas






RHS Avg.






National Avg






State Avg







ROCORI ACT Composite History

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
22.3 22.4 22.7 23.3 23.2 23.4 23.7 21.3 22.7
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
22.3 22.6 22.1 22.2 22.7 22.5


Other codes:

SS=Summer School College=College in the High School
ALC=Area Learning Center EL=English Language
RALC=ROCORI Area Learning Center      PSEO=Post-Secondary Enrollment Option