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College in the High School

College in the High School Program


The CITHS (college courses and credit, offered on site at RHS) is desgined to give 11th & 12th grade students an opportunity to participate in a college level course while still in high school.  Students have the ability to earn 80 college credits through the CITHS program.

The admissions process to be admitted into a CITHS course begins with GPA, seniors must have a 2.5 or higher and juniors must have a 3.0 or higher GPA, sophomores must be in the 90% percentile of MCA test. All students are required to meet testing benchmarks on the Accuplacer, ACT, or MCA test. 


Course Name College Credits
BIOL 1101: General Biology I w/lab 4
BIOL 1102: General Biology II w/lab 4  
BIOL 2020: Human Anatomy & Physi I w/lab 4
BIOL 2021: Human Anatomy & Physi II w/lab 4
BIOL 1005: Medical Terminology 1
BIOL 2020: Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 2021: Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHEM 1010: General Chemistry I w/lab 5
CHEM 1011: General Chemistry II w/lab 5
ENGL 1101: College Composition 3
ENGL 1102: Adv College Composition 3
ENGL 1110: Intro to Literature 3
HIST 1030: U.S. History I 4
HIST 1031: U.S. History II 4
HLTH 1402: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 3
MATH 1010: College Algebra 3
MATH 1015: Trigonometry 2
MATH 1020: Calculus: Short Course 3
MATH 1030: Introduction to Statistics 3
MATH 2001: Calculus I 5
MATH 2002: Calculus II  5
PHYS 1001: Introduction to Physics I w/lab 4
PHYS 1002: Introduction to Physics II w/lab 4
PSYC 2001: General Psychology 4


Transferring Credits

There are several websites that try to help answer many of the questions that students and parents might have about transfer credits and how it might work.  Planning ahead is a big help as well as doing your research.  It is also important to check with your college transfer specialist.

When researching keep in mind:
•    Some majors require specific courses to be taken during the first two years of a four-year degree
•    Some programs and degrees are not designed for transfer, so courses you’ve taken may not apply to four-year majors.
•    Don’t assume that general education courses will apply toward a specific career program.
•    Sometimes there are time limits for the transfer of credit.
•    Program or institution accreditation may affect credit transfer
•    It’s a good idea to visit any colleges or universities to which you are interested in transferring.

ROCORI in no way determines what credits transfer and what credits do not. 

MNSCU Transfer Curriculum:  The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities have developed the transfer curriculum to make transferring credits an easier process. By looking at the courses in the 10 goal areas for your Liberal education courses you can determine what classes to take will serve you the best. The site will take you to SCSU but the information is the same system wide.


To obtain your transcript from Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (you must request it yourself to be sent to the college you plan to attend) log into the National Student Clearinghouse at https://secure.studentclearinghouse.org/tsorder/faces/TOBridge?_afrLoop=1754713865466494&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=n0116zpe9_4

If you are attending a Minnesota State school (i.e. SCSU, Mankato State, SCTCC etc), you do not need to request the transcript, you just need to let the registrars/admissions office at the school you plan to attend that you have earned Minnesota State School credits and they should be able to obtain them electronically.


If applying at a Minnesota State college and you have also completed College in the High School classes at ROCORI you will need to activate your STAR ID.  To get started follow these steps:

  1. Go to: https//starid.mnscu.edu
  2. Click on: activate your STAR ID
  3. Click on: Activate STAR ID
  4. Click on: Tech ID (student ID) students can get this from their counselor at school
  5. You will then have to select Fond du Lac TCC from the drop down options and enter your Tech ID number as well as your Social Security Number.
  6. You will then be given your STAR ID number and be asked to develop a password.
  7. Save this STAR ID and Password in your records.


For information from the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MnSCU) go to the following website for course comparison and transfer information:


The College of St Benedict and St John’s University (and many others) have a guideline set up for use from Fond du Lac (as do many colleges), you can get to that site at:  www.csbsju.edu/academicadvising  then on the left click on Student Advising Resources then you will find Credit Transfer Information under the Registrar’s Office Credit Information and Policies.