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ROCORI Alternative Learning Center Programs


The purpose of the Alternative Learning Center is to provide services to students who were experiencing obstacles to their academic success in the regular school setting by offering an alternative curriculum that is academically challenging and meaningful, in an environment that addresses the students' individual academic and social/emotional needs.

The ALC serves students from a number of different school districts. Students have a choice of working toward a diploma from their home district or from ROCORI High School.

In order to enroll, a student must have verification from their home school district that he/she qualifies in at least one of the areas required by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Currently, the ALC offers the day school program and the night school program. The day school is a seat-based program, which meets on the same schedule as the high school. Students may be enrolled on a full time basis with the ALC, or students may opt to attend the high school part-time. All required courses at RHS are available at the ALC.

The night school program is another option for students who may work during the day or need to make up additional credits beyond the regular school day. If you are interested inthe night school program, please visit our link to learn more.

The work experience program provides an ideal way for students to earn elective credit. Students who are enrolled in either day or nights are eligible to participate. In order to receive credit for the work program, students must also complete "Work Seminar," which is offered during the day program and on an independent study basis for night school students.

Any combination of the options listed above allows a student, parents and ALC staff to develop a program that best meets the needs of each individual student.