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ROCORI Alternative Learning Center Night School

The ALC is committed to helping students who are serious about earning their credits to graduate. The night school program enables students to work during the day and attend night school, or the student may attend school during the day and attend night school to earn additional credits.

Night school differs greatly from the day program since it is an Independent Study. Students are required to attend the ALC to complete course work for a minimum of 24 seat hours, rather than the regular education minimum of 60 seat hours for a half of a credit. Because there are fewer hours of required attendance, the student is expected to complete most of the work at home. The required attendance hours are based on the number of credits the student needs to take.


If you want to enroll in night school, you must call the guidance office at 685-4916 to set up an appointment for admission. A parent must come with the student for the meeting as well.