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Winter Storm Announcement Information

In the event of bad winter weather, you can turn to multiple sources to be notified of school closings (Listen for "The ROCORI Area Schools"):

Facebook: ROCORI School District

We utilize our School Messenger system to broadcast a phone message alerting residents.

Text Message: Text the word "Yes" to 67587.  Make sure your contact information is up to date in Skyward so you can receive phone calls and text messages.

Radio T.V. Stations
KASM 1150 AM WCCO Channel 4
KCLD 104.7 FM KTSP Channel 5
WJON 1240 AM KMSP Channel 9
WCCO 830 AM KARE Channel 11

We will also utilized our School Messenger system to broadcast a phone message alerting residents.

This announcement includes ALL of the schools in the district:

  • District Education Facility
  • Rockville
  • Richmond
  • Cold Spring Elementary School
  • St. Boniface
  • Saints Peter and Paul
  • ROCORI Middle School
  • ROCORI High School

​School Closing Criteria

The primary consideration is the safety of children.  The school administration along with bus company officials base the school closing decision on the capability of the busses to safely transport students.  Consideration is given to weather reports, visibility, wind, existing snow, road conditions, temperature, daylight hours, and highway department recommendations.

What should parents do

Listen, watch, or check online for weather related school announcements.  Please do not call the school, school personnel, or the bus companies.  These phone lines are being used for or must be kept available for the weather emergency.  If everyone calls, it is impossible to make the necessary notifications.

The decision to have school during inclement weather has to do with the school's ability to safely transport students, however if a parent feels that it is unsafe for their child to come to school, the parent should keep their child home.  The final decision to send a child to school during inclement weather rests with the parent.


Early Closings

Notice of an early closing will be given by the same sources as listed above.  Parents must have alternate child care plans made and clearly explained to their child.  It is important for parents to review these plans with their young children.  If your children are to go home and there is no one there, make sure they have a key to get in your house and adequate supervision.


Extra Curricular Activities

When school is canceled because of inclement weather, normally all extra curricular activities are canceled as well.  Sometimes however, the weather will clear in the afternoon and extra curricular practices may be held.  It remains the parent's decision whether or not to have their student participate in these practices.  No student will be penalized in any way for not participating on a day when school has been canceled.

When school is closed early because of inclement weather, all extra curricular activities will be canceled.