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Community ROCORI Proud

Are you are interested in nominating a Community Member for a ROCORI Proud Award?  Here is your opportunity!

The following items are criteria for the award consideration:

  • Contributions that have aided in the progress and attainment of ROCORl's mission, vision, and strategic direction
  • Contributions that have helped ROCORI to create and grow positive relationships between schools, families, and communities while addressing the varied needs of our student populations
  • Contributions that have promoted ROCORl's academics, arts or athletics
  • Contributions that have impacted the economic sustainability of ROCORI and its programs
  • Contributions that have significantly impacted student achievement

Other Information:

  • All nominations are due by May 15th. 
  • All nominations will go to the Community ROCORI Proud Committee for review.
  • Community ROCORI Proud Award Winners will be recognized at a ROCORI School Board meeting, and at the end of the year staff recognition event.