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ROCORI Equity Advisory Chamber (REACh)

A community equity advisory committee is being formed to provide diverse perspectives to school district leaders to assist ROCORI as we pursue our Vision 2025 goals of creating an inclusive, curious, balanced, connected, equitable, and progressive school district. The committee will be advisory only, but topics, suggestions, and concerns will be relayed to the various decision-making groups within the district. REACh will meet 2 to 3 times each year for 90 minutes. REACh members will choose a 2- or 3-year commitment upon application.


·       November 23: Applications open to student and community members
·       December 20: Applications close
·       December 21: Applications reviewed by review team
·       January 3: Applicants notified if they will join REACh or if they will be invited to listening sessions (All applicants who are not chosen for REACh will be invited to listening sessions which will follow the same topics as REACh)
·       January 24, 5:00pm: First REACh meeting (Location TBD)
·       January 31: 4:00pm: First listening session (Virtual – Link emailed to applicants not selected for REACh)
·       March 28, 5:00pm: Second REACh meeting (Location TBD)
·       April 4, 4:00pm: Second listening session (Virtual – Link emailed to applicants not selected for REACh)

Application Process: Complete online or paper application:

Application Review Team:
·       Sam Court, JCE Principal, Acting Superintendent
·       School Board Representative(s)
·       Stephanie Ruegemer, ALC and Online Coordinator
·       Keri Johnson, RE Principal and Curriculum Director or Eric Skanson, CSE Principal
·       Ryan Hauge ROCORI Secondary Principal, Josh Austad RHS Assistant Principal, or Jake Nelson RMS Assistant Principal
·       Jennifer Spellacy, Equity Committee Chair (Elementary)
·       Natasha Kinzer, Equity Committee Chair (Elementary)
·       Julie Woods, Equity Committee Chair (Secondary)
·       Tom Siekkinen, Equity Committee Chair (Secondary)
·       ROCORI District Multicultural Liaison representative

Committee Members (25 to 30 members)

·       Superintendent
·       District Leadership Team Representatives (2 to 3)
·       District Equity Committee Representatives (2 to 3)
·       ROCORI school board member
·       Community representatives (8)
·       Student representatives in grades 6-12 (12-14)
·       District Multicultural Liaisons

Committee Charge:

·       To provide an advisory voice of students and community members to district and building administrators, school board members, and ROCORI teacher and staff leaders that will:
-   Be consistent with the ROCORI Vision 2025
-   Be solutions-oriented to provide suggested action to overcome barriers
-   Provide diverse viewpoints on district-wide topics
Topics of discussion at REACh include, but are not limited to:
·       Activities
·       Chemical Health
·       Culture and Climate
·       Curriculum (what we teach)
·       District and School communication
·       English Learners
·       Food Insecurity
·       Grade level transitions
·       Instruction (how we teach)
·       Mental Health
·       Harassment and Bullying
·       School to Home Partnerships
·       Social Media
·       Special Education
·       Student Support Services
·       Transportation
·       Technology