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Little Spartans Preschool


Contact US

Erin Tronbak

Early Childhood Coordinator

2024-25 Online Preschool Registration 

*Current preschool & ECFE families: Registration opens online Weds., Feb. 14 @ 5:00am
*NEW families: Registration opens online Weds., Feb. 21 @ 5:00am 
*$30 Registration Fee due upon preschool contract approval. 

Little Spartans Preschool invites all families to participate in school readiness programs. Scholarships and funding are available to assist in payment and a sliding fee scale is available in the Resources Tab. A $30 registration fee is collected upon preschool contract approval.

ROCORI’s Little Spartans Preschool’s primary goal is to give your child a positive experience that fosters a life-long love of learning--with the same standards of excellence as all of the ROCORI Public Schools.

Benefits of ROCORI Little Spartans Preschool:

  • 4-Star Parent AWARE rated
  • Licensed Early Childhood teachers in all classrooms
  • Small child-to-teacher ratio, creating individualized attention for students
  • Safe and supportive classroom
  • Preschools are among peers the same age
  • Focus on Social-emotional skills that will help your child succeed throughout their academic career
  • Kindergarten readiness skills aligned with district curriculum

3’s Discovery Time is for children that are 3-years of age by September 1.

In Discovery Time, your child will prepare for the structure of Kinder Connection. Your child will experience a school year of hands-on learning activities that are educational and fun! Licensed teachers will help your child develop social-emotional skills through peer interactions and foster a love of learning through play. Two half days of preschool is a developmentally appropriate way to introduce a child to the routine of school while given the opportunity to be with peers.

4’s & 5’s Kinder Connection is for children that are 4 or 5-years of age by September 1.

 In Kinder Connection your child will be immersed all the learning experiences that Discovery Time provides and more! Licensed teachers will focus on social-emotional skills, art, math, STEM, large & small motor movements, dramatic play, and language & literacy skills through our state-approved curriculum and assessment. Kinder Connection will give your child the solid foundation of skills needed to prepare for Kindergarten. 

**A sliding fee scale is available in the resources tab and by contacting Community Education. Scholarships are available to assist with payment.  Contact Erin Tronbak for more information. 320-685-8631


What class is right for your child?

If you have a young 4-year old (a late spring or summer birthday) and anticipate you will wait to send your child to Kindergarten when he/she is 6-years of age, the 3-day option is a developmentally appropriate choice for preschool. This option allows room to grow into more preschool days/duration as your child ages.

The 2-Day, All-Day class is a good choice for a child that is 5-years of age between May and October. Due to the duration of the day, it is geared for an older preschool child.  Because of scheduling, this class is not compatible with children that attend full-time Kid Care.

Preschoolers working together on a project.
A preschooler sitting with his monster creation on the table in front of him.
A preschooler working on a craft project
A preschooler proudly displaying is little mister potato head creation.
A preschooler showing of his little creation for the camera.