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Becky Peart
Administrative Assistant




ROCORI Independent School District 750 recognizes that the schools are an integral part of our community and the school board welcomes and encourages public use of its facilities.  ROCORI School District facilities are available for use after school, evenings, weekends, and during non-school days.  If space is needed during the school day, space at the District Education Facility is available.


Scheduling Procedures

  1. Obtain a Facility Use Request Form by contacting ROCORI Community Ed or by downloading the form from the district website.
  2. Complete and return the form to ROCORI Community Ed at least three (3) days prior to the desired date of use.
  3. User and rental fees are determined from the facilities fee schedule and paid when the reservation is made.  Rentals that extend over greater periods of time will require a deposit with the remainder paid at the end of the rental.
  4. Application for use of school district equipment should be made at the same time that the facility request is made.

*Applications requesting special field preparation, set-up arrangements or equipment use must be turned in at least ten working days prior to date requested.  Additional charges may apply depending on request.  Some requests may not be possible due to weather, field conditions or available personnel. All other applications will be accepted up to five working days prior to the date requested.

Please do not advertise your event until the permit is processed and approved.