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Early Childhood Family Education

Contact Us

Erin Tronbak
Early Childhood Coordinator


Welcome to ROCORI Early Childhood Family Education!  ECFE is a program for every family with young children ages birth to Kindergarten entry, offered by the ROCORI public school.  Families from Cold Spring, Rockville, Richmond, and the surrounding area are all welcome to attend ROCORI ECFE. 

Your experiences with ECFE classes include:

  • Parent-Child Activity Time: Families explore a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate play and learn activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher.  These experiences foster the child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language skills.
  • Parent Education Time: Parents meet with a licensed parent educator to share support, experiences, and information about child development and parenting techniques.  Research on early brain development, parent-child relationships, and child development and guidance techniques are presented in ECFE class.
  • Children’s Activity Time: Children learn with the early childhood teacher and paraprofessional as they practice social skills and interact with one another.

Two Types of ECFE Classes:

  • Non-Separating: You and your child(ren) remain together. If your child (or you) are not quite ready to separate, these classes are the perfect opportunity for your family.
  • Separating: You and your child(ren) begin and end class together, but spend time in the apart in the middle.  A convenient and safe way for your child to gain independence.


To register your family for ECFE, log on the Eleyo registration system.


Winter 2021 Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE): 

Due to Covid and limited capacity, only one parent/caregiver can attend ECFE with their child (ren) enrolled in the class. 

Registration for Winter 2021 ECFE classes opens on Eleyo at 6:00 am, Saturday, January 30th.

  • **Terrific Twos and Threes – ages 2 or 3 years (separating) 

Two and three-year-old children are growing and changing at a high speed. They are curious and looking to explore their world. In our classroom, children will engage in song, dance, story-time, building, communicating and socialization. Children will gain confidence and independence as parents separate for their parent education, focused on child development and parenting.  Please see sliding fee scale for pricing.

Wednesdays (5 weeks) February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 3       

6:00-7:30 pm @ ROCORI District Education Facility (DEF) 


  • **Fun with Friends – ages up to 6 years (separating) 

You and your child will explore and learn together as your child builds skills appropriate to their age. Children will be engaging in song, dance, story time, building communication, and socialization. Children will also build confidence and independence as parents separate for facilitator led parenting education, focused on child development and parenting.  Please see sliding fee scale for pricing.  

2 sessions: 

Fridays (5 weeks) February 5, 19, 26, March 5 & 19

9:00 am-10:15 am @ ROCORI District Education Facility (DEF) 

11:00 am-12:15 pm @ ROCORI District Education Facility (DEF)--Please note: this class will separate upon arrival and parent education will focus on Circle of Security curriculum. 


  • ECFE Home Visit – Virtual or Phone Consultation 

Have a question about parenting? Your child’s development? How to help your child during the pandemic? Ways to help your child prepare for Kindergarten?   

A licensed parent educator can help answer your parenting questions! These and many more topics can be addressed through a FREE ECFE Home Visit.  Call 320-685-8631 to schedule your visit. 


**Due to our limited ECFE offerings, preference will be given to children that are not participants in Little Spartans Preschool programs. 


Sliding Fee Scale 5 week Classes 


All families are welcome!


5 Week Classes 

Household Income (before taxes) 

Session Cost 

Sibling Rate 






No one will be turned away from an ECFE parent/child class due to an inability to pay. 










$24,999 and under 



If assistance is needed, please contact Erin at