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Community Education

Stick figure with arms raised. Branches ant leaves sprouting out to make the allusion of a tree.

Welcome to ROCORI Community Education. You have come to the right place for innovative and engaging learning opportunities and resources. ROCORI Community Education offers people of all ages and in all stages of life, opportunities to meet new people, experience new things, and develop new life­-long skills. ROCORI Community Education is an integral part of the ROCORI School District with activities, programs and services for all community members. Discover for yourself all your community has to offer. 

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ROCORI Community Education needs your help to provide opportunities relevant to your interests and needs. Please take less than 4 minutes to complete the survey so we can work to better serve our community.

                   ROCORI Community Education Survey

                ROCORI Community Education Survey-Spanish

Interested in sharing your passions or have an idea for a program or class?

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Community Education Staff in their We'll be there for you t-shirts

News and Announcements

    Contact Us

    Phone: 320-685-8631


    Stephanie Hillman
    Director of Community Education


    Becky Peart
    Administrative Assistant


    Matt Bueckers
    Community Education Program Coordinator


    Erin Tronbak
    Early Childhood Coordinator


    Brittany Albers
    Childcare Coordinator (Kid Care & Spartan Spot)