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Referendum 2022

ROCORI's Future, ROCORI's Facilities

ROCORI Public Schools welcomes you to our Referendum 2022 information page. ROCORI Public Schools provides early childhood through high school education for the communities of Rockville, Cold Spring, Richmond, as well as several surrounding townships.  

In the fall of 2021 the School District charged a Task Force comprised of citizens to do a comprehensive study of the District’s facilities needs and make a recommendation to the School Board. The Task Force presented their findings to the District in February of 2022. 

Based on the recommendations of the Task Force, the School District commissioned a scientific survey of the community to better understand the needs of the District and gauge support by the community. 

That survey showed that all of the components of the recommended facilities improvements identified by the Task Force were supported by the community. The survey also informed the District on the tax tolerance of the community. This information was taken into consideration by the School Board as they discussed and eventually made the decision to ask voters for their support of the facilities improvements. 

In the process of studying the facilities needs of the District, a foundation came forward to pledge a donation of $15,000,000 to the district if they included all of the facilities needs in their proposal to the voters. This donation is dependent on voter approval of all of the facilities needs. 

The donation was also contingent on getting the improvements to facilities implemented in a timely manner in order to positively affect students as soon as possible. This led to the decision to run the election as soon as possible in August of 2022. 

ROCORI has proposed a two-question ballot. Question 1 focuses on instructional needs and deferred maintenance across our buildings. Question 2 can only pass if Question 1 is passed first, and it focuses on community and activity needs. The donation of $15,000,000 will only be provided if both question #1 and question #2 pass. 

As we continue to gather more information for voters, we will provide updates to this page. We look forward to continuing the conversation with ROCORI voters. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff at


What is included in Question 1?

  • Secure entrances for John Clark Elementary School (JCE), Richmond Elementary School (RE), and Cold Spring Elementary School (CSE).
  • Deferred maintenance at RHS, RMS, CSE, RE, and JCE.
  • Security upgrades at RHS and RMS.
  • Additional and remodeled Career and Technical education spaces.
  • Enhancements to fine arts spaces including a black box theater, dressing rooms, and a music practice room.
  • Flexible furniture to better support student needs in all learning spaces.
  • New playground equipment at CSE, JCE, and RE.
  • A new early childhood center attached to CSE.
  • Installation and integration of improved technology and technology systems.
  • Relocation of Alternative Learning Center.



What is included in Question 2? 

  • Activities center which includes multipurpose courts lined for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. The activities center will also include an 8 lane indoor walking and running track.
  • 8 lane indoor pool with integrated diving well.
  • Fitness Center.
  • Dance practice studio.