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Flexible Learning

What is a Flexible Learning Day?

A Flexible Learning Day refers to a school day when students, instead of coming to school, stay safely at home and communicate with teachers online or continue their learning through prearranged learning assignments.  On Flexible Learning Days, teachers will hold regular office hours in which they are available to provide learning support to students.


About ROCORI Flexible Learning Days:

  • Families will receive an email, text or call notifying if the inclement weather day will be a Flexible Learning Day, along with our typical announcements on inclement weather days by 6:00 am or the night before when possible.
  • Teachers will communicate coursework or assignments for the students in the courses that would have met that day by 8:30 am either on the ROCORI website grades (PK-5) or in Schoology grades (6-12).
  • Teachers will be online and accessible from 9:00am - 2:00pm to provide support for student learning.
  • Teachers may have sent home pre-planned activities to use on a Flexible Learning Day.  This will be common in our early grades but may take place in other grades also.
  • Accommodations for students with special needs and for students that do not have access to certain technology will be made.
  • Administrators and other licensed professionals will also be available via email and accessible during regular school hours.


Email addresses of staff can be found at this web link:


Flexible Learning Day FAQs