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Parent Resources

As we mobilize our learning plan, kids still desire learning, and in short need activities to challenge the mind and body.  We have assembled many resources that parents, guardians, and kids themselves can access during this marginal time.  Transitions are hard.  Begin slow, don’t overwhelm yourself, engage with your kids, do the best you can do… find a reason to smile each day.

Creating a Schedule

The first step to help your family is to develop a routine or schedule of what these days look like. Build this with your child/ren and agree upon the content placed in it. The suggestion is to break it into 30 minute to one hour blocks of time, place the key components like sleep time, meals, and self-care first, then put in various activities in remaining areas. Below is a list of activities to think about but you are not limited to these items. 

  • Fresh Air Time (could be outdoors, the garage, or a walk depending on your neighborhood) 
  • Academic Time (until teachers assign content there are many resources below to use) 
  • Creative Time (this can be STEM activities, creative play, drawing, crafting, etc... see resources below) 
  • Chore Time (even the simplest of chore will help children contribute to the household) 
  • Movement (exercise, yoga, movement breaks, there are many resources to utilize below) 
  • Quiet Time (reading a book, coloring, drawing, meditating, take a nap, put together a puzzle, something to calm our nerves) 
  • Free Choice Time (it is important for students to have some time to choose what they want in their day) 
  • Family Time (spend some time as a family doing something like a board game, have a conversation, or just enjoy each other's company)
  • Screen Time (be clear on when screens are allowed and when they are not)  
Schedule Template


Activity Resources

Informational Links