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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Update (3-19):

Today we finalized details and began the work of getting our students their personal items back from their lockers.  I will be attaching those instructions and documents below.

Pick up of Personal Items Schedule English and Spanish 

Pick up of Personal Items Schedule Somali 

As of late this afternoon we had 1585 of 1919 inventory surveys complete.  We have started to make calls to follow up as well.  If you have not yet filled out that survey please do even if you do not need any of the services!

The survey responses have helped us understand your needs!  Today alone we served 351 breakfasts and 351 lunches!  We are ready to serve more!

When you pick up your personal items next week you may have some instructional materials in those bags in preparation for distance learning.  They are only there in preparation for distance learning and your children are not to start on those materials until March 30th when they receive instructions from their teachers should we be directed by the Governor to go to distance learning.

We are working hard on providing a document and web link for you that will explain the expectations should we have to go to distance learning.   I hope to have that ready for you early next week.