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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Update (6-5):

Dear ROCORI Families-

Happy Friday!  We took the week off from updating you last week...once less email was probably welcome.  I wanted to start by thanking all of you for allowing us to try new ways to celebrate your child at the end of the school year.  I am so proud of all the staff that helped in organizing and executing the parades, zoom graduations, virtual conferences, signs, banners and so many other creative ways to recognize our students.  The level of community support was amazing.  Seeing the pictures of kids waving to their teachers warmed hearts and who doesn't like to see a fire truck leading a parade through a town? 

Thank you for picking up and returning your child's materials and technology.   We will be putting them away and preparing them for Fall of 2020.  

Thank you to those who responded to our survey (600 responses) on ROCORI's Distance Learning experience.  I am putting those results into a document to share with you once I have completed the analysis.  There were so many helpful thoughts and ideas.  

The question we all are wondering...what will school look like in Fall of 2020.....I wanted to give you an update from the Minnesota Department of Education we received June 4th, 2020.  MDE guides all Minnesota Public Schools and when they release guidance all Minnesota Public Schools are to follow the guidance.   Below is the plan and what details ROCORI, Paynesville, Holdingford, Albany, etc. will be using to plan around.  I am hopeful for and like that MDE listed returning all students to building first!

Week of June 15

  • Release public health parameters of the three models for schools to consider while contingency planning for the 2020-21 school year.


  1. Return all students to school buildings following the most current CDC and MDH guidelines.
  2. Return students to school buildings implementing a hybrid model following the most current CDC and MDH guidelines.
  3. No students return to school buildings. Implement a distance learning model.

Week of July 27

  • MDE and MDH share determination on educational delivery model will be in the best interest of the health and safety of our students, school staff, and school communities for the 2020-21 school year.

Please note that MDE and MDH may make changes after the week of July 27th given new information they receive on the pandemic condition.

Have a great weekend!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (5-22):

Dear ROCORI Families-

Today marks the last day for our Seniors and any new instruction.  Thank you for being so patient as we finish the year at ROCORI.  I am simply amazed by all the support and resiliency our staff, students and you as families have shown in the last couple of weeks especially.  There is no doubt we are needing to connect as the year ends.  Support at events like Big Truck Night, car parade graduations, community banner and lighting of our facilities on Wednesday nights and the views of our Senior Night of Excellence and Senior Slide Show is evidence of that need.

Next week we will have you complete the process of turning in books, materials and technology as well as pick up of items like yearbooks, caps, gowns, chords, report cards, etc.  Please see your child's school newsletter for those details.  We are collecting laptops and hotspots, except for those students that are doing credit recovery in the high school in June.  We need time to format them back to the carts they were taken from to use in classrooms next year.  Please contact for special requests.

We are asking for some feedback as we end the school year.  Students and parents in grades 6-12 were sent a survey yesterday to complete.  I am including the link to all parents in today's update.  In order to get the best data possible I ask you to complete a survey for each child.  We know that many families have two or three kids at home that have had completely different experiences and so it will be valuable to complete a survey for each child with that thought in mind.  Please click the survey, submit and go back to the link for the next survey and submit.

There a many questions to be answered as we move forward into the summer and next year.  When those answers are ready to be shared we will do that in a timely manner.  We are hearing from many of you that you want your kids back in summer programs and in school in the fall.  We are going to work extremely hard to make that happen as much as possible as we know that face to face interaction and relationship building is what is best for kids.  We do have to follow guidelines and keep our kids safe first and foremost and will make every attempt to do so.  For this holiday weekend...give your families a break from thinking about that and enjoy time together in the great communities of ROCORI.

Be safe and be well!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (5-8):

Dear ROCORI Families-

As we finish the first full week of May celebrating Teachers and Nurses and look forward to the weekend of celebrating Moms and the opening of fishing, I would like to update you on how the last few weeks of the 2019-2020 School year are going to finish at ROCORI.  The finer details will be coming to you from your child's school in the coming days.

-Our 2020 Senior’s last day of school will be May 22nd.  MDE released guidelines today on Graduation Ceremonies.  Seniors and parents, please be watching your email for updates from Mr. Jenson.

-May 22, 2020 will be the last day for new assignments for our PK-11 students except for Driver’s Education.

-May 26th-May 28th will be instructional days for students to finish any outstanding assignments, handing in of materials at school sites, and making last connections with teachers and paraprofessionals.  Specific details will be coming to you from your child’s building.  

-Summer Feeding… We will continue to provide meals through June 30th!

-Summer building projects…our custodial staff is hard at it already preparing for the 20-21 school year.  Projects have started at Richmond Elementary.  Roofing projects have started all over the district and the Secondary parking lot rebuild will start in early June.

-Summer Childcare…while we wait to hear on social distancing guidelines for after May 18th, we are planning for a fee based childcare program in some form.  Be watching for information coming from Community Education about Spartan Spot and Kid Care.

-Summer activities/Summer School…we continue to wait on guidance from the Minnesota State High School League and MDE.  Please stay tuned for more information.

-Technology…the plan, unless you need the technology for Credit Recovery, will be for you to hand it back in the last week of May.  Special requests can be made to  Be watching for the hand of in details coming from your child’s school.

Have a great weekend!

Be safe and be well!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (5-5):

ROCORI Families-

Stearns County school districts, including ROCORI, are partnering with Stearns County Public Health to get messages to you in regards to COVID 19.  Below is a message from Sally Sands, Public Health Coordinator in regards to what is happening in Stearns County and where you can go for help.  Look for my weekly update on Friday morning this week.  Be well and safe!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent

From Stearns County:

Stearns County is currently seeing a large increase in the number of residents testing positive for COVID-19 (or novel Coronavirus). If you are experiencing any of these symptoms- fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell- we encourage you to contact your health care provider or call the CentraCare Connect Hotline at 320-200-3200 for screening and possible testing. The ability to do more testing and isolate sick individuals helps Public Health in efforts to contain COVID-19. If you have other questions, you can contact the Benton-Stearns COVID-19 hotline at 877-782-5683. Please continue to practice good hand hygiene, stay home if you are sick, maintain 6 feet from others while out in public, and stay away from crowds. Again, if you are experiencing symptoms, you can call the CentraCare Connect Hotline at 320-200-3200 and if you have other questions, you can call the Benton-Stearns COVID-19 hotline at 877-782-5683.


COVID-19 Update (5-1):

Dear ROCORI Families-

It is hard to believe it is May today and we are in the last month of school.  Remember that Monday, May 4th, is a non-instruction day.  Our staff is busy getting plans ready for you to finish the year, completing professional development, and cleaning out their rooms for the summer. 

We are still serving meals Monday!  A new May menu, calendar and locations for pickup have been posted on our website, or is available here: 

We know families may need food now more than ever due to positive tests in their households.  We can accommodate.  Please call Chris Barker at 320-685-4921 or email her at and we will work with you!  Our Food Service staff is dedicated to taking this worry off your hands!

Technology needs are being handled by our Technology Department.  Please call Brian Michalski at 320-685-4185 or email at

On Thursday, Governor Walz extended the stay at home order until May 18th.  Our buildings and grounds will continue to have limited access during this time.  Pick up of student materials for 6-12 will continue to happen at door 11 of the secondary building.  Due to the Governor’s order and the uncertainty of when larger group gatherings will be allowed to happen, we will be evaluating and planning a number of scenarios for the largest group gathering left on our calendar…graduation.

To our 2020 seniors and their parents, we are currently working on several different scenarios to give you as much of a traditional graduation ceremony as we can.  Due to changes and recommendations coming daily from the state level regarding safety protocols, we have to have several plans ready to go.  The most important factors in planning the graduation ceremony  are to honor our graduates with a meaningful experience and keeping our community safe.  We want you to know that we are working with the Student Senate and multiple parent groups.  As the date becomes closer and more information is released from the State we will be updating students and parents of the particulars of the plan(s). 

Childcare will reopen on Monday, May 4th, 2020 at 6:30 am.  The time we had off this past week was out of an abundance of caution and we can’t thank you enough for that time to clean, learn and develop protocols for a safe return.  

As we get closer to the end of the school year, please know we will have a hard cut-off date of instruction, followed by a catch up period, and then a hand in of materials similar to the pickup of student personal items.  Be watching for those plans in the next update.

I know this time is hard but I am encouraged by the way we are finding ways to honor our students while they are at home.  Please reach out if you have any needs and the staff will be here to help you.  We'll Be There For You!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (4-27):

Dear ROCORI Families-

We have students and staff of the ROCORI community report that they have been diagnosed with lab confirmed COVID-19 (coronavirus). The Minnesota Department of Health has and will be in contact with us. It has determined that the risk of exposure at our school was low.

Persons who were present at District Education Facility on Thursday April 23rd and Friday, April 24th are considered at low risk of becoming ill with COVID-19 unless specifically contacted by ROCORI Staff and or the Minnesota Department of Health. Persons at low risk of becoming ill should monitor for symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath for 14 days but do not need to stay home unless symptoms develop. If symptoms develop, stay home, and consult with your physician to determine if medical evaluation is needed.

I understand that this news may create unease in our community. The safety, security, and health of our staff and students is our top priority.  To that end, we have taken the precaution of closing the DEF and Childcare until Monday, May 4th, subject to change and will be disinfecting the DEF thoroughly starting on Tuesday, April 28th.

The most important actions each of us can take to further protect ourselves include:

  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Washing your hands often with soap and water; covering your cough and sneeze; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Practicing self-care by eating a healthy diet and taking time to rest
  • Frequently cleaning all commonly touched surfaces
  • Avoiding large gatherings

This is our first notification(s) of a COVID-19 case, and we are thankful to the individuals for their self-awareness and reporting their condition to ROCORI.  As access to diagnostics increases (through clinical diagnosis or laboratory confirmation), so will the number of positive cases – both in the wider community as well as here at ROCORI. Therefore, we expect that future diagnoses like these will not necessarily result in school-wide communication except in the case of childcare.  Delivery of nutrition services will continue and we will notify you if a change in a mode of delivery is necessary.

If you feel ill, take the appropriate actions to protect your colleagues, friends and family, seek medical attention, and we encourage you to report any COVID-19 health updates to Brad Kelvington at

If you feel you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, The Minnesota Department of Health recommends:

  1.       Stay at home for at least 7 days, and for 3 days with no fever and improvement of respiratory symptoms – whichever is longer. (Your fever should be gone for 3 days without using fever-reducing medicine).
  2.       Use the CDC website on how to Care For Yourself at Home with COVID-19.
  3.       If your household contacts were exposed to you while you had symptoms, they should try to stay home as much as possible for 14 days.
  4.       They should closely monitor their health, and if symptoms occur, they must isolate themselves. More guidance on this can be found here: MDH COVID-19 Basic
  5.        Use the CDC website for How to Minimize Spread.

This is a challenging time and I know many of you may be feeling stress, you are not alone. We will get through this together as ROCORI and will be stronger when we emerge. Be safe and be well!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (4-24):

Dear ROCORI Families-
Happy Friday!  I hope you get a chance to enjoy what looks like to be a very nice Spring weekend here in Minnesota and the ROCORI area!
My first announcement will be exciting and part of what should have been ROCORI’s Employee Recognition Week.
Congratulations to our Support Staff of the Year Award winners---Tracey Neugart-Administrative assistant at John Clark Elementary, Becky Mrosla-Custodian at the Secondary, Susan Schmitz-Nutrition Services, and Missy Boucher-Paraprofessional!  Next fall we will  honor these talented and deserving staff at a regional banquet.  Congrats and thank you for all that you do for the students, staff and community of ROCORI!
Distance Learning-
We will be moving forward with the ROCORI Proud Spirit I have the privilege to see in all of you and this community.  The video that went out to all of you was so well received.  Thank you for all the nice comments.  We do have an updated video… with more of the staff added…enjoy! 
The ROCORI Emergency Planning team met early this morning…they are so thoughtful and working hard for our students and staff…quite proud of this leadership team!
Members: Keri Johnson, Nate Guetter, Jake Nelson, Sam Court, Eric Skanson, Kara Linz, Joyce Baumann, Sue Phillips, Mark Jenson, Beth Bertram, Brian Michalski, Chris Barker, Patricia Ayala, Traci Kooiman, Brent Neisinger, Shelly Acheson, Holly Gazett, Stephanie Hillman and Joel Baumgarten.
A quick reminder of the news yesterday…the Executive Order 20-41 calls for MN schools are to finish the year in distance learning.  The Minnesota State High School League also cancelled all activities for the Spring 2020 season.  The order calls for NO instruction on May 1st and May 4th.   Students will not have coursework on those days, except for drivers education, because we have to meet the amount of days required in order for students to get their cards.   
Here are some of the answers to important questions being asked:
-ROCORI will continue to focus on connections and relationships with students
-ROCORI will continue food delivery, child care and technology support
-Teachers will plan and support meaningful lessons and support will be provided by our paraprofessionals
-Nothing “traditional” will happen in ending the school year: K-graduation, field trips, concerts, etc. so sorry!
-Civics test requirement for graduation has been relieved for this years seniors
-A traditional Prom is cancelled
-Graduation is still being planned for May 30th
-Grad Party is still being discussed
-Behind the Wheel instruction is on hold until clearance has been given to us by the State of Minnesota
-Summer School 
- K-8 is on hold as we would like to do a face to face versus a virtual program  
- 9-12 grade students who need graduation or credit recovery for on track graduation will get a virtual or independent experience

-Student drop off of books and technology and pick up of yearbooks is being planned and will come out in future communications.
-Activity/class fees paid on Revtrak will be refunded electronically  
-Activity/class fees paid by cash or check will be deposited into lunch accounts unless otherwise requested.  
-If you have other questions or would like a refund of your food service account balance instead of rolling it forward to the next school year, please contact your oldest child’s building secretary 
     Richmond Elementary
     John Clark Elementary
     Cold Spring Elementary
     Secondary School 
- If the only student in the family is a senior, fees will be refunded along with lunch account balances.
**Senior parents…As in prior years, we will be automatically issuing lunch account balance refunds for all families who only have senior students.  If you would like to donate your balance to the Angel Account instead, please email Mary Rothstein at
-Night of Excellence for seniors will be virtual
-College Signings will be virtual
I know this list is hard to read but I truly thank you for you continued support of ROCORI Schools and the kids.  We'll Be There For You!
Brad Kelvington, Superintendent

COVID-19 Update (4-9):

Dear ROCORI Families-

Thank you for being part of the Spartan Family!  Week 2 of Distance Learning is done...whew!  In my correspondence with staff, parents and the administrative team this week, I got the feeling that Week 2 has gone smoother.  Our partnership with you is what is making that happen.  Thank you for your responses to our survey last week.  Your suggestions are welcome and helpful and hopefully you have seen some of the adjustments being made.  We are asking our students similar questions this week.  A growth mindset is what is needed in a time none of us have experienced previously.  I am so proud of our staff and students...this past week we had better attendance on Tuesday and Wednesday than we do during a normal day.

ROCORI is continuing to serve over a 1000 meals a day, providing daily care for 30+ children, handed out over 250 laptops and 80 hotspots, making personal connections, and doing the best we can to provide learning experiences in this situation.  New next week...library books to 6-12th graders.  Check out the RMS/RHS SMORE Newsletter for details on how to get those valuable reading resources.

The Governor did extend the Stay at Home/Work from Home order until May, 4th.  Some educational materials do need to be distributed so please be watching the SMORE newsletter from your child's building or your child's teacher for those details. I will keep you informed how this may affect our May 5th return in the coming week.

Reminder that if you need technology support to please email and we will help you with your needs.

Reminder that we do not have school tomorrow, Friday and Monday next week.  Please enjoy the break you as families deserve!

Be well!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (4-3):

Dear ROCORI Families-

We are at the end of week one of Distance Learning, and I could not be more proud of the ROCORI staff, and of you as students and parents.  We knew there would be bumps and sure enough we had internet issues on Monday morning.  Thanks to you reaching out, we were able to get on it and fix it by early morning.  We had some attendance issues, but we have addressed it, fixed it and it is now running smooth.  There were questions around Teams, Seesaw, Padlet, Zoom, Nearpod, etc. Your patience and questions have helped us to fix them and communicate out the solutions to you.

I have talked with many teachers and my administrative team this week.  I hear the same thing from them all...we miss the face to face time with kids.  I also hear...we are doing pretty well though all things considered.

Thank you again for allowing us to reach out to you and to you for reaching out to your teachers, paraprofessionals and principals when help is needed.  Connections this first week have been so important.   I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU will be our COVID-19 Spartan motto for the students and you as parents.

We have handed out technology and hot spots for those first round of family needs.  We are able to accommodate some more laptop requests and a limited amount of hot spot requests.  Please email if you have further needs and our Technology Department will get back to you.

At ROCORI we are always trying to improve for our students.  We want to know from you, how we are doing with Distance Learning.  Below is a link to survey that I hope you will consider and fill out.

Attached is the Link to our District SMORE Newsletter.  Thank you Team ROCORI for all your hard work!

Other announcements:

  • No MCA testing for 19-20 School year
  • Working on a way to move forward with Strategic Plan
  • School Board meetings are moving to a virtual platform until further notice
  • Moving forward with Secondary Principal Search
  • We will not have school on April 10th and 13th.  No instruction on these two days.
  • Meals delivered on Monday, April 6th will be for April 6,7,9,10 and 13
  • Meals picked up on April 9th will include meals for April 9,10 and 13
  • Meals will resume as normal on April 14th
  • Activities are still postponed-subject to change by MSHSL or Governor order
  • Graduation is still being planned as scheduled-subject to change by Governor order

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask!

Have a nice weekend!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (3-27):

Dear ROCORI Families:

As we make final preparations for Distance Learning to begin on March 30th, please know it has taken an extraordinary effort by Team ROCORI to do so in less than two weeks.  It normally takes a year or more to change an entire system.  I am very proud of each of team members. Thank you as parents for your patience, while we develop the best plan for our students.  We will be learning together as educators and parents to do the best for our children. Please ask questions if something is not going well.  We will be seeking your input during this month.

Our buildings will remain closed for public use except to those essential child care workers, food service workers, custodial staff, and business personnel.

Below is the link to our website in which you will find the ROCORI's Distance Learning Plan.




Our elementary students will access their daily instruction thru SMORE.  The link to those pages can be found under the COVID-19 Information tab.

Our secondary students will access their daily instruction thru Teams.  The link to those pages can be found under the COVID-19 Information tab.

You will be seeing some follow up from your child's school today as well. Other Announcements 3-27-2020 

Technology: Thank you to all those who came today to pick up Technology devices.  We were so sorry to not be able to hand out Hot Spots.  When we get them in from T-mobile, we will get them to you as soon as we can.  Please let your child's teacher know via email if you are having trouble connecting.  If you are having issues with your technology, please email  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Attached is a document of other announcements for you to look at.

Please remember the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to follow the Stay at Home order for the next two weeks.  It is important that you do not let your kids gather in groups and have sleep overs.  Please practice good social distancing, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, stay home if your sick, cover coughs, sneezes, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.  Thank you so much for helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Be well and ask questions!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (3-25):

Dear ROCORI Families-

Thank you for being so patient during this COVID-19 time.  Governor Walz issued Executive Order #20-19 today, 3-25-2020.  The order directs ROCORI Schools to go to distance learning starting Monday, March 30th, 2020 and ending no sooner that April 30th, 2020.  Students could be back on campus on May 5th, 2020.  Please note that is date could change and should it change it will be communicated with you as soon as we are directed to. 

I appreciate all the work done by you as families to pick up personal items this week at your child's school.  Our ROCORI team was excellent in their planning and execution of getting you those materials quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.  The buildings will be open during regular school hours for the rest of this week if you have not been able to pick up those items yet.  Please go to the main office door in your child's school building to retrieve those personal items.

We are still going to provide meals under the order as we have been doing and also provide the same childcare that we have been doing under this order.  

We will be changing the distribution of date of the technology needed for distance learning that you as families identified in our inventory survey.  That communication should come to you around 7:00 pm tonight.

There is so much more to communicate with you and I will be doing that over the next two days.  Please be watching your email for more needed information from ROCORI Schools.

Be well!

Brad Kelvington, Superintendent


COVID-19 Update (3-23):

Dear ROCORI Families-

We are ready for the pick up of personal items to begin tomorrow.  Reminder that will be doing delivery to your vehicles.  Please follow the instructions of our staff upon arrival.  We will help you as quickly as we can as we know your time is valuable.  Over the last few days our amazing staff were able to get so much accomplished!  Thank you to all that called or emailed specific details of band instruments and physical education locker contents.  We were to get 100% of the instruments identified and about 70% of physical education materials identified which will significantly decrease the need to come into the secondary building.  If you need to come into the building you will be instructed to park in the lot closest to the building and enter.  You will be asked to use hand sanitizer as you enter, collect your belongings quickly and exit.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Brad Kelvington,


Pick up of Personal Items Schedule English and Spanish 

Pick up of Personal Items Schedule Somali 


COVID-19 Update (3-19):

Dear ROCORI Families-

Today we finalized details and began the work of getting our students their personal items back from their lockers.  I will be attaching those instructions and documents below.

Pick up of Personal Items Schedule English and Spanish 

Pick up of Personal Items Schedule Somali 

As of late this afternoon we had 1585 of 1919 inventory surveys complete.  We have started to make calls to follow up as well.  If you have not yet filled out that survey please do even if you do not need any of the services!

The survey responses have helped us understand your needs!  Today alone we served 351 breakfasts and 351 lunches!  We are ready to serve more!

When you pick up your personal items next week you may have some instructional materials in those bags in preparation for distance learning.  They are only there in preparation for distance learning and your children are not to start on those materials until March 30th when they receive instructions from their teachers should we be directed by the Governor to go to distance learning.

We are working hard on providing a document and web link for you that will explain the expectations should we have to go to distance learning.   I hope to have that ready for you early next week.


Brad Kelvington, Superintendent