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Knowledge Bowl: High School

  • Knowledge Bowl is a fun competition consisting of a written round (whole team works together to answer questions) and three oral rounds (competition against two other teams in a room working as a team to answer questions). It is similar to parts of Academic Triathlon.
  • Co-Coaches are Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Evens
  • Activity fee: $60
  • Season usually runs December-February, depending on when meets are scheduled.  Schedule may change depending on cancellations and additional meets.  Invitationals are normally on Saturdays.
  • Students may participate in other activities at the same time as Knowledge Bowl.
  • Practices are flexible depending on student schedules (may be before or after school).
  • Parents are welcome to attend the meets.


Questions?  Please send an email or a Teams chat so that we can get you more information as it becomes available!  


Stacey Evens:

Sue Phillips: