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Cartoon child flying with a book in their outstretched arms. Minnesota Reading Corps.

Please share with family, friends and neighbors:

Help students in ISD 750 reach their full potential by serving as a Reading Corps tutor. Reach every student who needs an extra boost. We have openings at Richmond Elementary, Cold Spring Elementary and John Clark Elementary! Recent grads, parents, grandparents, and career changers can all make great tutors! 

Apply today:


Open House 2018-19

August 21, 2018

  • Grades 11 & 12 from 12 PM – 3 PM
  • Grades 7, 8 & 10 from 3 PM – 7 PM

August 29, 2018

  • Grades 6 & 9 and any new students 4 PM – 8 PM


Earn Cash for Our School. Box Tops for Education

Please remember to save Box Tops for Education, Richmond Food Pride receipts, and Teal's receipts. Richmond Elementary School received a check for $1000 from Richmond Food Pride!! Your efforts are certainly appreciated!!