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Student "behind bars" for Jail n' Bail Fundraiser

The Annual Dollars for Scholars Jail 'n Bail will be taking place on February 1st at RHS. Jail n Bail is a major fundraiser for Dollars for Scholars in which ROCORI junior and senior students contact family and friends through calling, text and email to raise their bail. The students raise their bail (pledges) between January 23 – February 1. On February 1 they will finalize their pledges and submit them while at the same time enjoying local business donations of food, snacks and door prizes throughout the event. The proceeds from Jail n Bail will go toward scholarships for the 2019 seniors who plan to pursue a post- secondary education. All seniors and juniors are invited to participate in this fundraiser. Members of the DFS committee will be speaking to juniors and seniors during homeroom on January 23 about Jail 'n Bail. There will also be drawings for additional scholarships for those collecting over $350 in pledges. Juniors and seniors participating in this event and other DFS events throughout the year will be included in an additional drawing for a $500 scholarship. Watch future newsletters for additional information.

Kindergarten students reading

Dear Parents/ Guardians of the Class of 2032!

Your child's academic journey starts now, and we are excited to have your family join the ROCORI tradition of excellence.  We invite your child to become a Spartan at the ROCORI All District Kindergarten Registration, which will be held on Tuesday, February 26th from 3:30-6:30 p.m. at Cold Spring Elementary. This opportunity is for all parents and students who will be 5 years of age by September 1, 2019. This is an important time to introduce you and your child to the program and help to answer questions as your child begins his or her academic career.

Kindergarten is offered in an All-Day/Every-Day format.  This program is tuition free and fully funded by the State of Minnesota! If your child will participate in the school lunch program, there is a fee for lunch.

What will you and your child be doing at Registration Day?

  • Meet the teachers
  • Meet the principals
  • Meet  other families
  • Complete Registration Forms
  • Ask questions
  • Explore Classrooms

The doors will open at 3:30 pm where you can begin exploration and paperwork.  Please allow enough time to complete paperwork and ask questions. The registration form is enclosed to complete prior to attendance. The classrooms will also be open until 6:30 pm where you can meet our District Kindergarten staff and explore the learning environment. We highly encourage you to attend one of the two informational sessions, either at 4:15 or 5:15 in the media center to hear from the ROCORI Kindergarten Teachers and Elementary Principals about the upcoming school year. (Please enter Door #1; flag pole side of school).

 What will you need to bring to be prepared?

  • Completed Registration Form or
  • Information to Complete Form including:
  • Your Family Contacts
  • Your Emergency Contacts
  • Your Daycare Contacts
  • Your Work Contacts

We look forward to meeting you and your future Spartan on ROCORI Kindergarten Registration Day! 

What if I cannot make it/ or will not be attending ROCORI Public Schools?

Please contact the Cold Spring Elementary office (320-685-4951) if:

  • You cannot attend our Registration Day, but still plan on attending school this fall.
  • You do not plan to send your child to Kindergarten this fall.
  • You plan to send your child to another school/District.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cold Spring Elementary school office at 685-4951 or contact us by email.


Birthday Ideas for Parents

In an effort to comply with new wellness policy requirements, model healthy behavior, be more equitable and conscious of allergies, ROCORI Schools will no longer be celebrating children's birthdays with birthday treats. Teachers and staff will continue to recognize your child's special day. This will be done through special activities and projects, recognition, etc. If your family would still like to send 'birthday treats', we are asking that they be non-food items. Below is a list of suggestions. Please do not feel obligated to send anything, this is only if you wish to.


  • B u b b l e s
  • W a t e r C o l o r s
  • C r a z y S t r a w s
  • P e n s / P e n c i l s
  • B r a c e l e t s
  • B o o k f o r t h e c l a s s r o o m
  • S u n g l a s s e s
  • B i r t h d a y P i n s / B u t t o n s
  • B o o k m a r k s
  • G l o w s t i c k s
  • B o u n c y B a l l s
  • S t i c k e r s