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We want to thank all the staff that are retiring. Combined the 7 people retiring have given 191 years of experience/service to ROCORI students, staff and community. Your service is appreciated!


Bruce Weber 1982-2018


Dottie Ritter 2007-2019


Mary Theis 1989-2019


Tom Petroski 1989-2019


Mary Ann Hennen 1976-2019


Shirley Kalthoff 1984-2019


Marilyn Zenner 2014-2019

We have wonderful staff here at ROCORI and many of them have given numerous years of service to the district. We want to thank these staff for the many years they have given to ROCORI students, staff and community.


15 Years

Sandy Willard, Shannon Molitor, Traci Kooiman, Chuck Griffith, Lori Folwarski, Deb Peine, Nancy Schroeder


 20 Years

Tom Siekkinen, Dean Kron, Jeff Illies, Dave Sorenson, Bob Mertes, Paul Court

Brenda Vierzba, Lisa Zabinski, Cathy Hansen, Patti Rice, Julia Konop, Kay Brink

Not Pictured: Rachel Neutzling


25 Years 

Irene Worm, Ted Faber, Theresa Dingmann, Josh Austad

Not Pictured: Vern Ahles


30 Years

 Tom Petroski, Stephanie Randolph, Mark Larcom, Dana Groetsch, Joel Baumgarten

Celebrating 50 years of ROCORI! This episode looks back on ROCORI graduates who now teach in the district.