Voicemail and Mailbox features

Basic Voicemail operation

Dial 4050 (you will hear Thank you for calling ROCORI Schools), press the * key.  Enter your mailbox number (this is your Extension number) then press the # key.  Enter your password (this is the same as your Extension number + the digits 997) then press # key.  A tutorial will play, once completed you will be asked to record you name, then your greeting and finally to enter your new password.  Upon completion you will hear, “your mailbox is completely set up” you may hang up. To check your messages from outside of the school: Call 685-4185, when you hear (Thank you for calling...) press the # key and follow the prompts.

In your mailbox:

To listen to your messages, press 1:

  • To skip to next message press 1 again
  • To save press 2
  • To delete press 3
  • To forward press 5
  • To reply press 6

To send a new message press 2:

  • Enter the mailbox number and press #.
  • Press # to confirm and begin your message or * to cancel.

To manage your mailbox press 3:

  • For greeting press 1.
  • Enter greeting number 1-7 or # for system greeting.
  • Press 1 To hear the current greeting.
  • Press 2 To re-record, press # when finished.
  • Press 9 to save

To Transfer a caller into a specific mailbox:

If you have a Direct to Voicemail Key:

With the caller on the line press the Direct to voicemail key, enter the mailbox number and press the # key.

If you do not have a Direct to Voicemail key:

With the caller on the line press the voicemail key.  Once the voicemail system answers press the 8 key and enter the mailbox number followed by the # key.  Hang up immediately, the caller is not transferred until you hang up.

To personally leave a message in a mailbox:

Press the Voicemail key.  Once the system answers press 8 and enter the mailbox number of the person you are leaving a message for.  When you are finished recording, press the # key when finished.

MSG Key:

When lit and flashing press the MSG Key, this will take you to your mailbox to listen to your messages. If your message light is lit and you have no messages you can clear the light by dialing #409.