Flex and Park and Pickup Buttons

Set Flex key as park/pickup key:

  1. Press 369 and hold (red key) together the phone will beep during the entire process you can continue.
  2. Dial 0 7 on the number pad then push the envelop button.
  3. Press hold (red key).
  4. Pickup handset and then rest it back on the cradle.

Here is how to use the park/pickup feature using the Flex key:

  1. I am using the phone in my office and need to go to the Media Center to continue the phone conversation. I press the Flex key, dial the extension I want the call to go to, and rest the handset on the cradle.
  2. Go to the phone in the Media Center, pickup the handset, push the Flex key, and the call will be there.
  3. If I don't know the extension I want to Flex the call to, press the Flex key, dial your own extension, and put the handset in the cradle.
  4. Go to the Media Center phone, pickup the handset, press the Flex key, and dial your own extension and the call will be there.