Basic Operation

Telephone Basics

To Make and Internal Call: Lift the handset and dial the extension number of the person you want to call.

To Make An Outside Call: Press 9 then dial the phone number you want to call.

Hold: Have the caller on the line and press the Hold key. The button the call is residing on will begin to flash. If you want to exclusive hold the call press the Hold key 2 times. This will make the call unavailable to any other users on your system.

To Transfer a Call: With the caller on the line, press the CNF/TRN key, enter the extension number to transfer the caller an d then hang up. That is when the call will be sent to them.

Speakerphone: Your speakerphone will be activated when you dial an extension number or press a Line key.

  • To go from handset to speaker, press the Spkr key and hang up
  • To go from speaker to handset, simply lift your handset

MIC: This functions as a Mute key. When in Speaker mode you can hear the person, but the can not hear what you are saying.

  • When lit red the MIC is on
  • When not lit the MIC is off

Redial: When you press the Redial key it will call out to your last dialed number. This could be an internal or external number There are 3 settings to the volume control

  • With the receiver down, press the Vol key up or down to adjust the ring volume
  • Press the Spkr key, then Vol key up or down to adjust the speaker volume
  • While in a call, press the Vol key up or sown to adjust the handset volume

Conference Calls: (Max. of 8 parties, max of 6 outside)

  • Have 1st call on the line
  • Press the CNF/TRN key (the caller goes on hold)
  • Access another line and make next call or dial extension number if an internal person, get connected to the 2nd line call (they answer)
  • Press the CFN/TRN key and you will be connected. (To add another person repeat steps)

To Program Speed Dials:

  • With your handset down (on hook) dial#666, your display will read Speed Dial and you will hear 3 short tones
  • Enter Bin number you want to program (100-119 are personal and 200-900 are system) again you will hear 3 short tones
  • Dial 9 plus the phone number you want to program followed by the # key (you will hear 3 longer confirming tones) To store additional speed dials repeat the above process.

To Call a programmed Speed dial number: Press the Spdial key followed by the Bin number you wish to call (100-119 or 200-900).

MSG Key: When you MSG key is flashing this indicates you have new messages in you mailbox.

Optional Keys: You may or may not have these keys on your phone.

DND: This button will put your phone into Do-Not-Disturb. Any call that rings to your extension will forward to voicemail when your DND button is on. To turn on/off DND, press the DND key. When the light is on the DND is on. When the light is off the DND is off.

Park & Pick Up: To park a call with the caller on the line press Park/Pickup and enter extension number you want the call parked for. To pickup a call that is parked from any phone pick up the handset and press the Park/Pickup key, then dial the extension number the call is parked at. You will be connected to the call. If you are at the station the call is parked at the Park/Pickup key will be lit, simply press the Park/Pickup key and you will have the call.

Caller ID: To review call to your station, press Caller ID key. Use your volume control to scroll through the numbers. When a desired number is on screen press the 9 key and then the Caller ID key and the call will be placed to the displayed number.

VM Direct: To transfer a caller directly into a mailbox with the caller on the line, press the VM Direct key, dial the mailbox number and press the # key.

To program a One -Touch button on your phone: Dial #9876, press the key to program, enter the extension number or press 9 and enter the outside number, then press the key you wanted to program again.

To program a DSS key on your phone:

  • Dial #9876
  • Press the Line or Intercom key (if you have multiple line keys you will need to press all of them.
  • Enter 11-18 (these are the options for the rings)
  • Press the same Line key you pressed in the above instructions
  • It is now programmed (you will need to call the extension to hear the selected ring)