Tri-City Cable Assistant Description

Position: Tri-City Cable Program Assistant

Description: The Program Assistant will work with the Program Director to create programing for the Channel 10 access channel.  Duties may include:

·         Assisting in the development of appropriate broadcast materials and resources through

o   Securing content and materials as needed through other sources

o   Receiving recordings from events, activities, or programs from other community sources

o   Working with school classes, activities and programs to record and produce programs to broadcast

o   Appropriately editing, modifying, or recording information to broadcast on the local access channel

o   Exercising creative opportunities to design, develop, or implement programming resources

·         Assisting in the staffing of and/or use of technology to allow the local access broadcast facilities to handle:               

o   Design and structure of broadcast schedule of events

o   Providing cable TV schedules on public access channels, on a Cable TV website, to local newspapers, and other outlets

o   Maintaining “Upcoming Events Calendar” for intermittent broadcasting

o   Maintain equipment and library inventory

·         Delivering and picking up equipment from recording sessions from various committee meetings.

·         Recording various events within the community for use with Channel 10. Assisting with the coordination of broadcasting productions to include

o   school student groups, school and community leader messages, school activities and announcements, and local citizen groups. 

o   Examples of local citizen groups include but are not limited to theater groups, book reading clubs, investment clubs, the Lions, VFW, American Legion, etc., community libraries, city and township governments, and the Chamber of Commerce or Civic and Commerce organizations.

·         Utilize creation and editing software to create shows for use with Channel 10 broadcasts.

·         Work on creating advertising segments for local businesses who advertise on Channel 10.

·         Other duties as assigned.

Recommended Skills:

·         Proficient with various production suites such as: Final Cut Pro, MAGIXX, Adobe Elements and ProTools.

·         Experience with videography equipment.

·         Experience with Tightrope Media System equipment.

·         Proficient in Microsoft Office and basic computer skills.

·         Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.