Tony Hutar

Hello, I am Tony Hutar, the 6-12 Grade Band Director at ROCORI Public Schools.  I am sorry, I will only answer the band office phone if I am not working with any students and I am already at my desk.   The best way to get in-touch with me is through email (

Daily TimesclassMonday/Friday A-Team Times
8:20-9:30 Wind Ensemble (HS Band)8:20-9:30 Wind Ensemble (HS Band)
9:35-9:55 Prep9:40-10:00 Band Lesson
10:00-10:20 Band Lesson 10:01-10:50 7th Grade Band
10:21-11:207th Grade Band10:54-11:20 A-Team (part 1)
11:20-11:50 lunch11:20-11:50 lunch
11:55-12:546th Grade Band11:55-12:20 A-Team (part 2)
12:55-1:15 Band Lesson12:24-1:13 6th Grade Band
1:35-1:55 Band Lesson1:15-1:35 Band Lesson
2:01-3:008th Grade Band1:45-2:05 Band Lesson
2:10-3:00 6th Grade Band