How to install and use VMWare View (Mobile Devices)

Due the wide variety of mobile tablets and phones in the market today, it is difficult to create one document to cover everything in detail.  In this document we will provide some basic setup information that is consisant between all platforms.

The VMWare View app is available for iOS devices (iPads), Android devices, as well as the Kindle Fire.  To get the app for your device, go to your device's specific app store and search for "VMware View Client."  It should come up as the first option. 

The icon will look similar to this:

It is free so you do not need to pay for it.

  • Go through the process of downloading and installing the app.  Once downloaded, run the app.  When you first run the app, it will ask you to Add a Server.  Tap the button and type in the following for the server name/address:
  • If it gives you the option to add a description, you may do so.
  • Once connected, it will ask you to put in your username and password.  This is the same username and password that you use to log into a computer.
  • After typing in your username and password it will ask you to pick a desktop session.  Select the appropriate desktop for you, usually Spartan Lab.
  • Once connected, you can operate your windows session and have access to different programs like Microsoft Office, as well as access to your network folder.
  • At the top of the client window you might see a few different buttons that look  like a keyboard and laptop track pad.  You can touch these buttons to bring up a keyboard or track pad to assistant with navigating around the screen.  You can also just touch anywhere on the screen and the mouse pointer will move there.
  • When finished, go to Start and then Logoff.