Scott Staska

Welcome to the ROCORI School District website!  I hope that you are able to find the information that you need!

It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve the ROCORI Schools since the fall of 2002.  Since that time, we have been working hard, as a school district, to fulfill our mission of "Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow."  We have also made a great deal of progress in becoming our vision of being "Central Minnesota's public education standard of excellence."  

We know that those two statements are very bold comments about who and what we want to be.  Although we are still a work in progress, the two themes set high standards and expectations for each member of the ROCORI District!  

We welcome you to be part of our journey as we seek to fulfill the mission and vision of the ROCORI Schools!

We are excited about the start of the 2017-18 academic year in the ROCORI School District!  We have gotten off to a great start in the classroom and through Spartan activities!  

We are expecting you will find your experience in the ROCORI District to be filled with "magic moments"--a setting in which good things happen to and for you as you interact with ROCORI staff and across the district!  Please let  us know how we can be of assistance to you in your school and academic journey!

Best wishes to all students, parents and staff on a successful school year!