School Board Information


The ROCORI School board is comprised of six elected representatives.  Board members are elected to serve terms of four years of office by the constituents of the school district.  School Board elections are scheduled in 2012, 2014 and every two years beyond. Three seats are filled in each regular election.

+School board members serving through December 31, 2018 include Lisa Demuth, Kara Habben, and Jason Wesenberg.

+School board members serving through December 31, 2020 include Shannon Humbert, Sunny Hesse, and Lynn Schurmann.

ROCORI School Board Leadership Positions
Board Member Leadership Position Contact Information
Kara Habben Chair
Lynn Schurman Vice Chair
Lisa Demuth Clerk
Jason Wesenberg Treasurer
Sunny Hesse Director
Shannon Humbert Director
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The Rocori School Board typically has its regular meetings on the second and fourth Monday of the month.  The full annual calendar of meetings is set in July for the school year.




The ROCORI School Board is committed to the district mission.  In order to be Central Minnesota’s public education standard of excellence, the school board desires to make a difference today to create a better tomorrow for ROCORI’s students and communities.

One part of the district vision is to make the ROCORI Schools a focal point of the community through communications and connections that increase understanding, accountability, interest and involvement. The board’s intended direction is to provide consistent, honest and timely communications between and within staff and community.



Much of the work of the ROCORI School Board is conducted through the various standing committees of board assignments.  Each of the members of the school board has a portfolio of committee assignments and/or serve as a representative of the board to an organization related to the school district.  Committee assignments are an important part of the functions of the school board and school district

Click here to see the complete list of committees and their School Board representatives.

Click here to see the Board Member Portfolio.



ROCORI School Board meetings have been recorded and broadcast in Tri-City Cable local access Channel 10.  Most broadcasts of meetings air on Channel 10 the Wednesday following the meetings.

All regular school board meetings include the opportunity for Comments and Requests from Visitors.  This is part of the agenda which allows members of the public to offer comment to the school board and to participate in the school board meeting.

The School Board awards on a monthly basis at the first meeting of the month, ROCORI PROUD recognition to individuals or groups within the school district.  The purpose of the ROCORI Proud award is to honor actions the bring the ROCORI district’s mission and values to “life.”  The awards are intended to reflect the district mission, values and vision “in action.”  The awards are defined within the categories of the: Standard of Excellence, Making a Difference Today, Create a Better Tomorrow.

Click here for the ROCORI Proud Nomination Process and Form.