ROCORI Continuing Education

Relicensure Do's and Don'ts

1.  Find out the representative to the CEU committee in your building!

Committee Memebers Contact Information
Brenda Vierzba - Chairperson Click Here
Rachel McDougal - Cold Spring Elementary Click Here
Katie Hoffbeck - Richmond Elementary Click Here
Nancy Anderson - John Clark Elementary Click Here
Patti Rice - ROCORI High School Click Here
Shelly Muth - Administrator Click Here
Judy Lieser - Parochial School Representative

2.  Collect and gather your CEU clock hour materials.  For people who are relicensing in 2012 there are some additional requirements.  One in technology and one for a reflective statement of professional accomplishment and assessment of professional growth.  This would include reflection on collaboration time with others. Actually the reflection goes into effect for July 1, 2012.

Clock Hour Resources: Worksheets and Links:
CEU Clock Hour Sheet Link
Clock Hour Cover Sheet/Summary Link
Reflection Rubric/Checklist Link
ROCORI District CEU Worksheet Link


3. Find your building rep or one of the people listed under committee members and submit your materials for approval.
4. Once approval is given, we will keep your records and the chairperson will make sure your hours are submitted to the state.  The chair will send a verification email to you and you can then apply for your new license via the internet or through snailmail.  The link below will lead you to the home page of MDE.  You need to enter via, Educator Excellence and then the relicensure link.
Important State Links Links
MDE Link
Specific Professional Development Requirements Link
Categories for Clock Hour Allocation Link