Early Childhood Family Education Information

2017-18           Preschool Registration           

Preschool Registration* at the DEF  Thurs. March 9, 4pm-7pm

Fri. March 10, 9am-12pm

*When registering, please bring a copy of immunizations and $20 nonrefundable registration fee.

Why choose ROCORI Preschool?

¨ Small class sizes with State Licensed   Teachers and trained Paraprofessionals

¨ Positive and supportive learning  environment.

¨ State approved curriculum that focuses on the whole child, both academic and social-emotional.

¨ Play based learning environment.

¨ Alignment with ROCORI K-12

¨ Scholarships are available.

Two Class Offerings

Discovery Time—Children turning 3 by Sept. 1, 2017

Kinder Connection—Children turning 4 by Sept 1, 2017


For more information call 320-685-8631

Stephanie Hillman, Community Education Director

Erin Tronbak, School Readiness Coordinator

OR stop by 527 Main St., Cold Spring


Preschool Screening

In Minnesota, all children are  required  to complete Early  Childhood Screening before entering kindergarten.  Screening is FREE!  As soon as your child turns 3 years of age, they are ready for screening. The earlier the better!  An assessment of your child’s vision, hearing, height, weight, immunization records, & overall development will complete the screening process.  Screening is held at the ROCORI DEF building, 527 Main St., Cold Spring, & is completed by trained preschool teachers.  Please schedule a screening appointment by calling ROCORI Community Ed. at 685-8631 OR by registering online at www.rocori.k12.mn.us and look for preschool screening appointments under the Community Ed. Registration.

Screening Dates

May 18, 3:30 - 6:30pm

May 19,  8:30am -12:30pm

August 9, 9am –4:00pm




Classes Below Open for Ages 4-6

Fresh Air Fun

Come join the great outdoors for adventures in learning and play!  We will create treasures and explore the wonders of Cold Spring.


Date: June 19-22                 Time:  8:30am-10:00am

Location: DEF rm. 115      Fee:  $48                                   Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp; min 8 - max 14



Young Scientists

Calling all young Einsteins!  Join us for experiments geared towards young minds.


Date:  June 19-22                Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Location:  DEF rm. 115   Fee: $48

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp; min 8 - max 14


Classes Below Open for Ages 3-5 

Crafting in the Park!

Meet us at the part to make some fun crafts - we will paint, color, cut and glue! 

It may be messy, so wear old clothes.  Children will take their masterpieces home.  All supplies will be provided and the mess is ours to clean up!


Date:  Tuesday, June 13    Time: 10:00am-11:30am

Location: Pioneer Park Shelter                 Fee: $15

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp; min 8 - max 14



Little Bakers!  Walking Field Trip

Meet at the DEF building to hear a fun story about a baker and so some cradts.  Then we will take a little walk over to the famous Cold Spring Bakery to get a tour see how the treats are made and eat them!


Date: July 19                    Time: 8:30 - 11:30am

Location: DEF rm. 115 Fee: $20

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp; min8 - max14


Fire Department Visit

Does your child enjoy learning about the firefighters?  Look no further!  We will have a fire fighter demonstrate how to put all of their gear on and get a tour of the Cold Spring Fire Department.


Date:  June 27   Time: 8:30 –11:30am

Location:  meet at DEF Fee: $20

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp


“To Infinity… and Beyond!”

Does your child enjoy learning about space?  Each class is filled with space activities and prove to be out of this world!


Date: July 10-13 Time: 8:30am-10:00am

Location:  DEF rm. 115 Fee: $48

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp


Ocean Adventure

Come and dive into the depths of the deep blue sea.  We will read a book and learn about a variety of ocean animals.  We may even find  Dory!

Date: July 10-13             Time:  10:30am-12:00pm

Location:  DEF rm. 115 

Fee: $48

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp


Father’s Day Gift

Want to make a special gift for your dad?  Do not miss this fun opportunity to choose from a variety of crafts to give that special someone you call “dad”.

Date:  June 14 Time: 8:30am-10:30am

Location:  DEF rm. 115 Fee: $20

Instructor: Tanya Rehkamp; min8 - max 14