Aquatics Information

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Swim Lessons Class Descriptions



Preschool  Swim Classes:  Preschool classes require a parent, guardian/older sibling 16 or older to be in the water with the child. Designed to help children overcome their fears about water, have fun, spend special time with mom or dad, & learn some very basic water skills. 

Water Babies (WB) 6-23 months       Aquatots  (AT)  24-35 months           Minnows (MW)      3-5 years

Level 1 (Ages 5+)  Become comfortable in the water.  Safety topics: pool rules, recognize lifeguard, safe water entry, able to recall name and phone number, help yourself in an emergency and proper use of life jacket.  Skills include blowing bubbles, assisted floats, flutter kick, and paddling.

Level 2 - Learn to swim without support.  Safety topics include being able to recall parents/guardian’s names, home address, proper use of life jacket and boat safety.  Skills include bobbing, holding breath, floats, kicking with kickboard, treading water, front/back crawl.

Level 3 - Be comfortable with new skills in deep water & learn new strokes.  Safety topics include helping yourself and others in an emergency, and safe weather conditions for swimming.  Skills include swimming underwater, front crawl with rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke, breast stroke kick, arm motion, and deep water work.

Level 4 - Increase endurance, improve skills learned from classes 1-3 and learn new skills. Safety topics include basic first aid and reaching assist.  Skills include surface dive, open turns, treading water, breaststroke, dolphin kick.

Level 5 - Improve efficiency for strokes and learn new skills.  Safety topics: first aid and throwing assist.  Skills include flip turns with front and back crawl, flutter/dolphin/breaststroke kick, and elementary backstroke.

Level 6 - Concentrate on refining technique of all strokes.  Safety topic: recognizing spinal injury.  Skills include feet first surface dive and pick up brick, open turn breaststroke/butterfly, and tread water, kick only.





6 classes; 2 sessions

Register for ONE session per child


Session I: March 4 – April 8

Session II: April 22 - June 3

                 No Class May 27


Time                    Class Level          

10:15-10:45        WB  or      1

11:00-11:30        AT   or      1

11:45-12:30         2     or      3    

12:45-1:30           4     or 5/6

1:45-2:15     MW  or Private  



Mondays & Wednesdays

6 classes; 4 Sessions

Register for ONE session per child


Session I: January 16-February 1

Session II: March 13-March 29

Session III: April 10-May 1

No Class April 17 (Easter)

Session IV: May 4 - May 24


Time                 Class Level

6:15-7:00            2 

6:30-7:00            1

7:15-8:00           3 or 4

8:15-9:00           5/6

8:15-8:45           Private