Adult Classes And Activities Information

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Freezer Meal Prep using Wildtree -"Favorite Foods"

Are you ready to tame dinnertime? In about 60 minutes you are going to have prepped 10 meals to take home and stock your freezer! What a time-saver! These meals are going to make your dinnertime less chaotic and much more enjoyable. You will bring your own protein and a few miscellaneous items. Some of the meals we will be putting together include: Dijon Java Chicken, Rodeo BBQ Country Ribs, Slow Cooker Chicken Chili and more. Take them home, pop them in the freezer and they are ready to cook when you need them. The products used contain no additives, preservatives, MSG, dyes, GMOs and are 100% peanut free. We can accommodate gluten allergies as well. **Note: This is a meal prep class; no cooking takes place during class. A shopping list will be sent to participants prior to the class. Tuition includes: certified organic spices and blends, shipping costs, labels with instructions and recipes.

Date: April 10th 7 - 7:30

Location: DEF

Fee:  $55.00


Freezer Meal Prep Class: Mommy or Daddy and Me Family Foods

Cooking is fun and is a great way to bond with your child! This is a meal-prep class where mom or dad and their child put together 10 healthy, tasty meals. You will bring your own protein and pantry items. Some of the meals we will be putting together include Hearty Chicken Parmesan, Garlicky Chicken, Cheesy Chicken Tenders and more. Take them home, pop them in the freezer and they are ready to cook when you need them. The products used contain no additives, preservatives, MSG, dyes, GMOs and are 100% peanut free. We can accommodate gluten allergies as well. A shopping list will be sent to participants prior to the class. **Note: This is a meal prep class where the meals are assembled and taken home. No cooking takes place during class. Tuition includes: certified organic spices and blends, shipping costs, labels with instructions and recipes. Class limit: 12.

 Date: Monday April 24th

Time:   6:00 - 7:30

Location: DEF 

Fee:  $55.00


Essential Oils for Babies & Kids                  Make & Take

Come learn about how essential oils can be used with babies & children. Essential oils have been around for ages, and they have many amazing properties. I will share with you how I replace many over the counter products using essential oils. You will get to choose 3 items to bring home with you. We will be making roll-on blends, sprays, and soap/shampoo. There will also be a few creams to choose from if that is of interest to you.

Items to choose from: 

Roll-on blends: (Homework Helper, Tiny Tum my, Tiny Teeth, Tiny Airways, Growing Pains, Bedtime Blend, Tantrum Tamer, Immunity Blend, Itch Stick)

Sprays: “Tushy” Spray, “Owie” Spray, “Monster” Spray, Gym Bag Spray

Soap: Gentle shampoo/body wash for the whole family or Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Creams: Diaper/First Aid Cream, Chest Rub


Date: Monday, March 6

Time:  7 - 8:30pm

Location: DEF

Fee: $15 + $5 per item purchased the

night of class


Instructor: Bethany Schreifels

Healing Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils were mentioned over 100 times in the Bible. Discover why these ancient oils were considered more valuable than gold. How and why they were used for anointing and divine healing. Learn more about how our "first medicine" is still important today.   Come and experience first hand the twelve most significant oils found in the bible. Materials provided

Date: Monday, February 6, 7:00 - 8:00pm

Fee: $20

Location: DEF

Instructor: Rhonda Torgersen

Essential Oil Cleaning Products

Avoid the harmful chemicals in typical cleaning products and start breathing in the benefits of essential oils! Our instructor will demonstrate easy-to-make products, including a foaming hand soap, air freshener, vegetable cleaner and bathroom surface cleaner.  You will make your own foaming hand soap and bathroom surface cleaner. Keep your house clean and your family healthy with the natural antibacterial qualities of therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Session I: Monday, January 16, 7:00 - 8:00pm

Session II: Thursday, January 26,10:00-11:00am

Fee: $20 per session Location: DEF

Instructor: Rhonda Torgersen

Essential Oils Make & Take

So you have entered the world of Essential Oils-NOW WHAT?  Let's get together and make some recipes & other natural home remedies that have helped us maintain the strongest of well-being & create a healthier balanced lifestyle.  Participants will make a foaming face wash, Luscious Lemon Lip Balm & 2 Roll on's (quick fix in stick happy, itch, zip etc.) plus lots of recipes.  (There will be a few options of recipes available to make in case they have already made these in a previous class)  All materials provided. 

Session I: Thursday, February 23, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Session II: Monday, February 27, 10:00 - 11:30am

Session III: Tuesday, March 14, 1:00 - 2:30pm

Fee: $35 per session  

Instructor: Rhonda Torgersen


Taste of Nordic Walking

Take a Taste of Nordic Walking and turn your daily “vanilla” walk into a hot fudge sundae by simply adding poles.  Walk taller and challenge your body with your first taste and then go on to improve your overall fitness levels while you enjoy the natural rhythm of the poles. Linda Lemke, aka the Nordic Walking Queen will tempt you with your first taste.   Poles will be provided for you to use, wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather as we will be going outdoors. 

Date: Tuesday, May 2

Time: 10:00 –11:00 am

Location: DEF - Door #1

Fee:  $5  

Nordic Walking - Posture, Balance and Fitness

With poles in hand Nordic walkers realize a more upright balanced posture, challenge their body and improve their overall fitness.  The lifting effect of the poles decreases the stress on lower joints reducing pain while the natural rhythm of walking with poles increases the workout without feeling like you’ve exerted yourself.  Experience the fitness and fun of Nordic Walking for yourself with Linda Lemke aka the Nordic Walking Queen. This 2 part class will give you ample time to become comfortable with the basic technique for walking with poles.  Poles will be available for use during this class.  Wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather as we will be going outdoors.

Date: Thursdays, May 18, 25

Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm

Location: DEF - Door #1

Fee: $16


Primerica Financial Services

All ages WELCOME! Participants learn how to budget, pay off debt faster, get properly protected, and set up a complimentary Financial Needs Analysis.  Learn how life insurance really works and receive advice on retirement discounts that work best for individual situations.  Instructors teach how to get money working for you, options for getting a will, and many more beneficial financial strategies and principles!

Date: Tues., Jan 10 or Tues., Feb 7  (choose one)

Time: 6 -7 pm

Location: DEF

Fee: $5

Instructor:  Spencer Linn


When Should You Begin Receiving Your Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Learn what your full retirement age is and how your benefit is determined; how retiring earlier than, or later than, your full retirement will affect your Social Security benefits; why it’s important to plan together with your spouse and strategies to boost your retirement and survivor’s benefits; and how working after you begin receiving   Social Security could affect how much you receive.

Date:  Thursday, March 30

Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm

Location: DEF

Instructor: Marcus Anderson,  Financial Consultant

Fee: $5 per household


Defensive Driving

Learn evasive skills & other accident prevention measures in the classroom (not on-the-road).  Those 55 & older receive a 10% discount on your insurance.  Please bring your driver’s license.

Dates:  Tue. & Thur., April 25 & 27

Time:  5:30-9:30pm         

Location:  DEF

Instructor:  Minnesota Safety Council

Fee:  $25


Defensive Driving Renewal

In order to maintain a 10% discount on your insurance the defensive driving class must be renewed every 3 years.  Update yourself on common bad habits & MN’s newest laws!

Date:  Tues., Feb. 7

Time:  12:30-4:30  p.m.        OR

Date:  Tues., March 7

Time:  12:30-4:30 p.m.           OR

Date: Tues., May 11

Time:  12:30-4:30 p.m.

Location:  DEF

Instructor:  Minnesota Safety Council

Fee: $20


Self Defense for Women  * This class has been canceled, due to the instructor having a  back injury

“Great class for Moms and Daughters”

Are you not feeling as safe as you once did?  Would you like to learn some real, effective, life-saving, techniques?  In this introductory course, you will get a basic understanding of the psychology of attacks and defenses.  You will find out how to avoid on coming actions, get out of chokes, release arm grabs and how to apply simple effective counter actions to an opponent.  In addition to this, you will learn how to use a simple self-defense device called a KUBOTAN that you can legally carry with you as you go about your day.  This can greatly magnify your ability to defend yourself.   Wear loose comfortable clothing. A fee of $10 for the required KUBOTAN payable to St. Cloud Karate & T’ai Chi Instruction will be collected at the first class.


Date:  Tuesday, March 14

Time:  6:30 - 8:30pm

Location:   DEF

Fee:   $20      Instructor: Beverly Gustafson of St. Cloud Karate/T’ai Chi Instruction                          


Mixed Media/Collage Decorated Canvas

Students will learn the elements of design while creating their own collaged canvas to hang on their wall. Students will use decorative paper, paints, and images to create their masterpiece. All materials will be provided.

Date: Tuesday, March 28

Time: 6 - 8pm

Location: DEF

Fee:  $12 registration

         $10 material fee night of class

Instructor:  Laura Ruprecht


Painting Barn Quilts

Painting Barn Quilts is a popular, lively 3-hour class of guided instruction which will take you through the process of barn quilting from beginning to completion. You will choose a quilt pattern from the several dozen offered or you may bring your own (instructor will evaluate difficulty level). You will gain knowledge on measuring, layout, taping and painting as related to barn quilt painting. You will leave with your own masterpiece, ready for hanging and possibly the inspiration to participate in a Barn Quilt Trail in your own neighborhood!!

Day:  Monday or Tuesday

Date: April 3 or May 2

Time:  6:00 - 9:00 pm

Location: DEF

Fee:  $32 at time of registration

          $15 at time of class for materials

Instructor:  Cyndi Buchholz


Abstract Art   (for Beginners)

Try your hand at creating an abstract art painting.  No art or painting experience needed.  The less you know about art or painting the better.  You will be pleased with your results.  All supplies provided.  Wear old clothes.  Ages 12 and up.

Date: Thursday, April 27               

Time:  6 pm   

Location:  Gary Theisen’s home

Instructor:  Gary Theisen      Fee: $35


Mosaic Mirrors

Students will learn the basics of mosaics by decorating a framed mirror with stained glass. Students will be using basic glass cutting tools to design their mosaic and finish mixing and applying grout. Materials will be provided.

Date: Tuesday, February 21 & April 25

Time: 6 - 8 pm

Location: DEF

Fee: $40 registration

        $30 for materials night of class

Instructor:  Laura Ruprecht


Screen-printing with Freezer Paper

Students will design a stencil out of freezer paper that will be cut out and ironed onto a piece of  apparel. They will then use screen-printing ink over the stencil to create a one of a kind design that students can wear. All materials will be    supplied except you must bring their own apparel to be printed.

Date: Tuesday, March 14 6-8pm

Time: 6 - 8 pm

Location:  DEF

Fee: $12 registration

        $10 for materials night of class

Instructor: Laura Ruprecht


             Adult Basic Education

GED (General Education Development diploma):

             Math, Reading, Language Arts—writing, Social Studies and Science

Basic Skills Enhancement:

Goal-specific instruction such as work, employment related math, reading, computer or writing assistance.


Classes held Fridays at 10:00 am                     *Registration Required          


Dancing Like the Stars! 

Tired of just watching?  This course is for you!  In 5 sessions you'll experience the thrill of classic dances like the Waltz, Rumba, Swing and more! Couples preferred but don't be afraid of the social nature of this class instructed by community legend Mark Johnson.

Day:  Mondays

Dates: March 6, 27; April 3, 10, 24

Time: 7 - 8:15p

Location: DEF

Fee: $25 per couple OR $15 single

Instructor:   Mark Johnson


Beginners’ Line Dancing Class

Dance happy, be healthy! Are you looking for a fun way to exercise?  Come and join a line dance class.  If you can walk, you can line dance and you don’t need a partner! 

Date: Mondays, March 6 - April 24

Time: 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Fee:  $15

Instructor:  Sharon Theis


Healthy Lawns

Lawn care can be expensive and puzzling. Learn some simple tips and techniques that can help you get the best performance out of your yard while protecting area lakes and streams from pollutants and runoff. We will cover a wide variety of topics and answer your questions about watering, fertilizing, weed identification and so much more to make your lawn the best it can be. Participants will receive an informational folder full of great publications; and several door prizes will be given away from local plant specialists.

Date: Tuesday, May 9

Time: 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Location: DEF

Fee: $10

Instructor:  Sauk River Water District

Composting Basics

Composting is nature’s way of recycling.  It keeps waste out of landfills, and it fertilizes without chemicals. It’s a great way to turn fruit, vegetable and yard trimmings into a dark, crumbly fertile soil.  Make your garden happy and help the environment.  Participants will receive an informational folder full of great publications; and several door prizes will be given away from local plant specialists. 

Date: Tuesday, May 16

Time: 6:30 -7:30 pm

Location:  DEF

Fee:  $10

Instructor:  Sauk River         Water District


Butterfly Gardens

Birds and butterflies add grace, beauty and motion to the landscape. Learn about birds and butterflies native to our region and how to attract them to your garden. We’ll cover what habitat is necessary for a bird and butterfly area in your garden that is beautiful, low maintenance and can be enjoyed by all ages. Participants will receive an informational folder full of great publications; and several door prizes will be given away from local plant specialists.

Date:  Thursday, May 25

Time: 6:30 -7:30 pm

Location: DEF

Fee: $10

Instructor: Sauk River Water District


Expectant or New Grandparent Class

This class was designed for expectant or new grandparents.  Learn what has changed with caring for a child since you were in the trenches.  Topics discussed include:  feeding, sleeping     arrangements, car seats, home safety, illness and setting boundaries.  Students will also be certified in infant CPR as part of this class.

Date:   Tuesday, April 25

Time:  5:30 -8:30 pm

Location: DEF

Fee:  $35 individual / $50 couple

Instructor: Emergency Outfitters


Body Weight WORKOUTS!

Join a community of parents as we nurture ourselves and model a healthy lifestyle for our kids. This fitness class will focus on exercises using your own body for resistance, making the workouts something you can incorporate into your lifestyle. With a background in physical therapy, Lisa can teach proper body mechanics and appropriate modifications to meet you at your current level of fitness. Kids are welcome in a small play area during workouts. Bring your own yoga mat.

Dates: Mon & Thur., March 20 - May 4 (no class Easter week)

Time: 9:30 - 10:30am

Location: DEF

Fee: $35

Instructor: Lisa Plzak

Cardio Cross Training

For beginners and more advanced fitness level, modified for each participant.  Combo of kicks, jabs, uppercuts, and hooks set to upbeat music; not only burns a LOT of calories, but fun!  Includes Pilates and yoga stretches, in addition to cardio workout & light weight training.  Bring lighter hand weights (1-8 lb.) & exercise mat.

Days:  Mon., Wed.,  & Sat.                                  

Session I: Jan 4 - Feb. 25        no class Jan 11 or  Feb. 18

Session II: Feb. 27 - April 22 no class April 15

Session III: April 24 - May 31 (6wks) no class May 27 or 29

Fee Sessions I & II: $35 -1x/wk; $55 - 2x/wk;                   $70 - 3x/wk

Fee Session III: $25 - 1x/wk; $45 - 2x/wk;  $60 - 3x/wk

Times: Mon & Wed. 6 - 7pm

Sat., 8:30 - 9:30am

Location: DEF   

Instructor: Vicki Stommes Faber


Join the Fun with REFIT®

REFIT®  combines several elements of fitness into one power-packed hour. While the focus is structured around cardio dance movements, toning & flexibility, strength training & stretching are also incorporated into the REFIT® workout.   No prior dance experience is necessary! The follow-the-leader instruction style ensures that all participants feel successful in their workout experience.  While REFIT® is appropriate for ALL ages, class participants must be at least 16 years old. Please wear comfy clothing and tennis shoes, grab a water bottle and towel and let’s do this!


Days:  Mon., Thur., & Sat.

Session I: Jan. 9 - Feb. 27  (No class Feb. 20)

Session II: March 2 - May 9 (No class March 11 & 18)

(No class April 15 & 17)

Time:  5:45 - 7pm & Sat., 8:30 - 9:45am

Location:  Richmond Elem.

Instructor:  Amanda Rogers

Fee:  $45 per session


Yoga for all

This class will adapt to the needs and interests of those in attendance. It will be beneficial and doable for people of all levels. If you are very inflexible and never tried yoga, now is a great time to start! The class will challenge everyone according to the amount of challenge they want. 

The variety of benefits people get from practicing yoga include improved flexibility, posture, blood flow, muscle strength, immune system, joint health, spine health, blood pressure, focus, balance, sleep, breathing... the list goes on!

Days: Mondays & Fridays 

Dates: Session I, January 6- Feb 13                 Session II, Feb 24-April 3

             Session III, April 7- May 22 (no class April 14 & 17)

Fee:   $35/1x per week  - per session

$65/2x per week -  per session 

Time: 3:40-4:40

Instructor: Nathan Klein

Location: Session I & III - RMS D207

    Session II - RMS D217


Yoga in the Morning

A relaxing, short form yoga series to start your day off right.  All levels of experience encouraged.  Yoga mat required.

Session I:  Tue. & Fri., Jan. 10 –Feb 17

Session II: Tue. & Fri., Feb. 28 –April 7

Session III: Tue. & Fri., Apr. 18- May 26

Time:  7:15-8:00 am 

Location:  DEF      Instructor:  Mary Bowar

Fee:  $72 / 2x per wk; per session

          $39 / 1x per wk;  per session


Yoga at Night

Energize, heal, & tone the body, while being safe & challenging.  Blends gentle but effective “flow” sequences, postures & breath.  Strengthen the body while stretching to induce calm & improve flexibility.  End with a relaxing meditation that will melt away tension.  Yoga mat required.

Day: Monday

Time:  5:00-6:00 pm 

Session I: Jan. 23 –March 6 

Session II: March 20– May 1

Session III: May 15 - June 26

Location:  DEF

Fee:  $39 per session

Instructor: Mary Bowar

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

A flowing and progressive yoga series that strengthens, stretches & relaxes the body while focusing the mind.    Yoga mat required.

Day:  Tuesdays Time:  6:15-7:15 p.m.

Session I:  Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7, 21

Session II: Feb. 28, March 7, 14, 21,  April 4          

Session III: April 8, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23

Location:  Richmond Elem.        Fee: $39/session

Instructor:  Kate Nienaber

If you are an adult, or knows someone who struggles with reading, writing, or spelling, then our new program may be just what is needed!   

The program is called "Making Sense of Decoding and Spelling: An Adult Reading Course of Study."

Certified, trained teachers work closely with adult students to complete 30 lessons dealing with basic English word patterns.  Mastering these rules and patterns can greatly improve reading speed and smoothness.  The lessons also help with writing and spelling skills.

Instruction using this program is now available free of charge as part of ROCORI's adult basic education class.  See below for more information on days, time, and location.


Adult Basic Education and GED®
The ABE curriculum umbrella includes Adult Diploma, GED®, English as a Second Language (ESL or ELL), Family Literacy, Basic Skills Enhancement, Workplace Literacy, and U.S. Citizenship/Civics.

To be eligible for ABE services, you must be 16 years old or older, not enrolled in K-12 public or private school, and lack basic academic skills in one or more of the following areas: reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics.

Free classes are offered at ROCORI in the District Education Facility (former middle school), at 527 Main St.  Use the new, main entrance which faces south off the west parking lot.  Please call Community Education at 685-8631 to start!

General Educational Development (GED®) Test
The GED® is the nationally recognized high school equivalency test that opens doors to employment, post-secondary opportunities, and a better future.

The GED® test has been updated to make sure it measures what graduating high school seniors know and what colleges and employers will expect of you.
There are four (4) parts:
    o  Science  (90 minutes)
    o  Social Studies  (90 minutes)
    o  Reasoning Through Language Arts  (150 minutes including a 10-minute break)
    o  Mathematical Reasoning  (90 minutes)
You will need some familiarity with using a computer to:
    o  Type extended responses
    o  Drag and drop
    o  Drop-down
    o  Fill-in-the-blank

What are the age requirements?
A person needs to be nineteen years of age to take a GED® test at an official Pearson Vue testing site in Minnesota. Any person who is 17 or 18 years will need to apply for an age waiver.

What is an age waiver, and do I need one?
If you are 17 or 18 years old, you will need to petition the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) for an age waiver in order to take the GED® test. You will want to enroll in an ABE/GED® preparation class. You must take at least the GED Ready™: Official Practice Tests in Reasoning through Language Arts and Mathematical Reasoning and score at least a 150 on each OR take the TABE Reading and Math (Form A) and score at least 650 on each. Your GED® instructor has a GED® age waiver checklist to help you through the age waiver process.  A parent or guardian signature is required on the age waiver application if you are 17 years old. Applications for 18-year-olds do not require a parental signature.

Where do I go to take the GED® test?  How do I register?
GED® testing is completed at official Pearson Vue testing centers only. A list of local testing sites is available from your GED® instructor. Scheduling is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with MyGED™ ( Log in and click on “Schedule Test” on the top. Once you complete the scheduling questions you’ll be directed to choose your language, subject, and the day and time that work best for you to test. You can also schedule one test at a time to make sure you feel prepared every time or sign up for multiple tests. All of this can be done at one of our ABE sites, and we would be glad to help guide you through this process. Each of the four GED tests cost $30.00 ($120.00 for the entire GED battery). Payment must be made at time of registration with a credit or debit card.

For further information regarding testing, please call ABE Services at 320-529-6500.


Adult English Classes

If you are interested in improving your English language skills, please join us for English classes at the DEF Building on 527 Main Street.  All English Language Learners are welcome from new speakers to those with advanced skills.

Free classes will begin this Fall

Classes will be taught by Ann McGee.  Please call us at 320-685-8631 if you have any questions.