Richmond Announcements

From the Office...

  • Please remember to save Box Tops for Education, Richmond Food Pride receipts, and Teal's receipts. Richmond Elementary School will be getting a check for $1000 from Richmond Food Pride and 2% from Teal's for receipts collected through November. Your efforts are certainly appreciated!!
  • Also, a reminder to call or email when students will be tardy or absent, then to sign them in or out when picking up early or dropping off late.

December 20: 1:00 Dairy Princess Presentation (30 Minutes, schedule TBD)

December 21: Sts. P & P Program: Arrive at 12:45

December 22: Skating at Richmond Arena 12:30-2:30 ** We will be walking. Please dress your child appropriately!

December 23-January 2: Winter Break

January 3: Welcome Back!