Public Speaking


Terms 3 & 4~ Winter  Trimester with Mrs. Rice ~ B118           


Prep Period: NO PREP TERM 3        

Phone: (320) 685-8683 ext. 4114 school


(320) 685-5426 home

(320) 290-5054  cell

(320) 685-8683 ext 4114 school


Course Objectives ~

Ø  Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively speak in front of a group given a variety of situations.


Ø  Students will be able to effectively self-evaluate individual speech presentations as well as speeches made by classmates.


Ø  Students will recognize the fundamentals of a basic speech communications model.


Ø  Students will demonstrate the ability to brainstorm, select a topic, research, organize, adapt and/ or modify a speech.  Additionally, students must be able to effectively create and utilize visual aids in their speeches and adapt to audience feedback as needed.


Units of Study ~


  1. Introduction to the Communication Process & Impromptu Speeches
  2. Introduction to Verbal and Non-Verbal Modes & Evaluation Techniques
  3. Analysis & Discussion Techniques
  4. Entertainment Speeches:  impromptu ~ oral interp/ storytelling
  5. Informative Unit:  speech on self ~ demonstration speech ~ research presentation
  6. Persuasive Unit: sales pitch ~ original oratory


Content Standards ~

  • Distinguish between a speaker’s opinion and verifiable facts and analyze the overall credibility of the presentation (Speaking & Listening A).
  • Deliver a speech in a logical manner using grammatically correct language which includes vocabulary appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose (Speaking & Listening A).
  • Describe the role of communication in everyday situations (Speaking & Listening A).
  • Identify and understand essential elements, skills and implications of persuasion, argumentation, and debate as essential oral skills (Speaking & Listening A).
  • Apply assessment criteria to self evaluation of oral presentations (Speaking & Listening A).
  • Evaluate the accuracy and credibility of information found on Internet sites (Speaking, Listening, & Viewing Media Literacy C).
  •  Evaluate the source’s point-of-view, intended audience, and authority (Speaking, Listening, & Viewing Media Literacy C).


Assigned Textbook:                                   


SPEECHCRAFT: An Introduction to Public Speaking by Brent C. Oberg


Materials Needed for Class ~


  • Three ring binder or a two pocket folder
  • Perforated paper (or theme paper ~ without frayed edges)
  • Blue or black ink pen for final copies and tests
  • #2 pencils with good eraser(s) for scan tron exams
  • Colored marker or highlighter for correcting
  • Blank SD Memory Card…REQUIRED for ALL STUDENTS!
  • Blank Audio Tape…REQUIRED for ALL STUDENTS!
  • Index cards ~ 3 1/2 x 5
  • Poster board, markers and/ or access to a computer (for a power point)


Grading ~


Grading will be done on a basic point scale of 90% = A, 80% = B, 70%= C, 60% = D.  Every assignment will receive/ earn points. A final exam and speech is given at the close of the trimester.  Late work will be docked points accordingly.  ALL assignments must be completed in order for students to pass this class! Please note that volunteering to speak first is the only form of extra credit for this class.  Additionally, severe point deductions will be taken in the event a student is not prepared to speak when it is their turn to do so.  Please be prepared for absences, etc… and make the necessary arrangements to complete your speech ahead of time.


The expectation is that if a student is absent on the day their presentation is due that they are prepared to present on their first day back in the classroom…Be prepared!

Expectations of Teacher ~

I firmly believe that all students have the ability to be successful in this course.  In addition, I believe that students in high school have the ability to be guided by basic expectations.  This being the case, I feel that if ALL students observe the following four areas listed below, this will not only be a successful learning opportunity for everyone, but an enjoyable term as well.




Keeping the following four areas in mind, the list below are simply a few guidelines to help clarify certain issues for students.


1.      Be prepared to begin class immediately at the tone.  There will be a consequence for tardies!

2.      Bring all necessary materials to class each day—this includes packets and visuals.  NO PASSES GIVEN!

3.      Leave the telephone, computer stations, yearbook tables, window and blinds, and teacher desk area as is—AVIOD disturbing any of these areas!

4.      Please keep my classroom clean ~ No writing on the student desks or within the classroom!

5.      Dismissal is by teacher NOT the tone.  Stay in desk areas until dismissed.  Avoid milling around door. Remain seated or working until the tone sounds at the end of class and you have been dismissed.

6.      As per the District Policy, cell phones, I-Pods, and/ or ANY other electronic devices are NOT to be out during the class period.


*    CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE!  In the event that a student caught cheating, the assignment will receive a grade of zero, parents will be contacted, and BOTH the Guidance and Administrative Offices will be immediately notified.  There will be NO alternative assignment to make up the points lost.  As a result, CHEATING may well result in the failure of this class!




Welcome to Class

Hour 1 Speeches

Hour 4 Speeches