ROCORI Public Schools District Policy Manual


School District Organization

School Board Operations

General School Administration Flow Charts and Pay Equity Groups

Business Management

Facilities/Captial Outlay


District Wide

Instructional Programs


General Public Relations


Public Notifications


Annual Public Notice


Chapter 1 (School District Organization)

District Mission Statement (1-1)

District Values Statements (1-2)

Strategic Roadmap

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Chapter 2 (School Board Operations)

Approval of Expenditures (2-7)

Board of Education Advisory Committees (2-1)

Official School Board Spokesperson (2-5)

Out of State Travel By School Board Members (2-9)

Policy Development and Review (2-8)

Regular and Special School Board Meetings (2-2)

ROCORI Naming Rights (2-13)

School Attorney (2-6)

School Board Meeting Guidelines (2-3)

Student Representative on School Board (2-4)

Superintendent Evaluation Policy (2-11)

School Board Committees (2-12)

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Chapter 3 (General School Administration Flow Charts and Pay Equity Groups)

Job Description Policy (3-1)

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Chapter 4 (Business Management)

Audit of School Records and Accounts (4-1)

Buildings, Property and Equipment Use Policy (4-6)

Community Education Refunds (4-10)

Fixed Assets (4-12)

Investments (4-13)

Extracurricular Transportation (4-18)

Electronic Transfers (4-8)

Fund Balance (4-3)

Fund Raising (4-2)

Grant Guide Policy (4-21)

Investment of School District Funds (4-4)

Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy (4-14)

Rewards (4-11)

School Closing Policy (4-5)

Student Transportation Safety Policy (4-16)

Transportation Driver and Vehicle Policy (4-20)

Transportation of Nonpublic School Students (4-17)

Transportation of Public School Students (4-15)

Video Recording on School Buses (4-19)

Expense Reimbursement (4-7)

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Chapter 5 (Facilities/Captial Outlay)

Long Term Facilities Maintenance Plan (5-1)

Swimming Pool Use (5-2)

Crisis Prevention and Management in ROCORI (5-3)

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Chapter 6 (Personnel)

Attendance at Professional Meetings (6-1)

Certified Staff Evaluation Policy (6-3)

Employee Drug and Alcohol Offenses (6-7)

Employment of Staff Policy (6-9)

Equal Employment Opportunities (6-8)

Family and Medical Leave (6-5)

Leaves of Absences, Unpaid (6-10)

License Status (6-14)

Preparation Time (6-2)

Public and Private Personnel Data (6-6)

Employee Right to Know - Exposure to Hazardous Substances (6-4)

Workload Limits For Certain Special Education Teachers (6-13)

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Chapter 7 (District Wide)

Bullying Prevention Policy (7-3)

Harassment Policy (7-4)

Equal Education Opportunity (7-1)

Tobacco Free Policy (7-5)

Wellness (7-2)

Meal Change Policy (7-7)

Reimbursable meals (7-6)

Internet Acceptable Use Policy (7-8)

Policy Governing Health and Safety (7-9)

Drug-Free Workplace Policy (7-10)

Chemical Use and Abuse Policy (7-11)

Violence Prevention (7-12)

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Chapter 8 (Instructional Programs)

Adding, Extra-Curricular Activities (8-14)

Balancing Class Sections (8-2)

Class Size Policy (8-3)

Curriculum Change Policy (8-4)

Eliminating Extra-Curricular Activities (8-17)

Equal Educational Opportunity (8-9)

Pledge of Allegiance (8-15)

Policies for Implementation of the Profile of Learning (8-12)

Review of Curriculum Content and Alternative Instruction (8-10)

Schools and individual Religious Diversity (8-11)

Selection and Review of Resources (8-7)

Staffing Extra-Curricular Activities (8-16)

System Accountability(8-6)

Technology Committee (8-8)

Title I Parental Involvement Policy (8-1)

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Chapter 9 (Students)

Behavior at School Activities (9-1)

Administration of Medication at School (9-5)

Assaultive Behaviors (9-10)

Policy Governing International Studies (9-14)

Behavior Intervention Policy (9-13)

Discipline Policy (9-4)

Hazing Policy (9-17)

Immunization Requirements (9-19)

Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student's Person (9-2)

Open Enrollment Policy (9-3)

Protection and Privacy of Student Records (9-15)

Rocori Policy for Graduation (9-16)

Section 504 Nondiscrimination (9-12)

Students and Employees with Severe Communicable Diseases (9-6)

Student Early Entrance Policy (9-11)

Student Surveys (9-20)

Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEPs from School Grounds (9-18)

Weapons Policy (9-9)

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Chapter 10 (General Public Relations)

Family Policy (10-1)

Volunteers in Rocori Schools (10-2)

Visitors to School Building Sites (10-3)

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