Paul Court

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I started teaching and coaching in Houston Minnesota in 1988-89 shortly after graduating from the U of M at Morris.  After one year at Houston, I went to Morris High School to continue my teaching and coaching.  I enrolled in classes to obtain a Master of Education degree with emphasis in mathematics and completed the coursework in three years. 

My wife and I moved to Cold Spring when our daughter was three and our son arrived shortly after we settled here.  My wife, Jana, is also a mathematics teacher at ROCORI High School.  I have enjoyed teaching and coaching here for the past eighteen years.

I have been the college mathematics teacher here at ROCORI for the past eight years.  I am proud to say that with the help of our dedicated department members, our MCA and ACT scores have improved to be some of the best in this area, which is the mission of our school.

I take my job as a college teacher of mathematics very seriously and expect my students to do the same.  My goal for them is that they prepare diligently for success.  If they do so, I am confident that they will improve.

I look forward to a great year! 

College Mathematics Syllabus


Instructor:   Paul Court



Suggested Supplies:

-TI-83 plus or higher app will NOT be used on tests.


-1/4 inch grid paper

-Three ring binder




All daily work will be graded on a 5,4,3,2,1 basis.  Grades will be assigned based on number of correct answers and work shownThere will be no points given for late work.  Homework quiz scores will also be incorporated into the homework score.

67%   -Quizzes                     




For the high school, the grading scale is as follows:

100% - 94%    A     

 93% - 90%    A-    

 89% - 87%    B+    

 86% - 83%    B     

 82% - 80%    B-    

 79% - 77%    C+                         

 76% - 73%    C

 72% - 70%    C-

 69% - 67%    D+

 66% - 63%    D

 62% - 60%    D-

 59% - Below  F

For the college, the course will be graded on an A, B, C, D, and F basis with no + or – grades given. 



1.  Follow directions given the first time they're given.

2.  Be on time and prepared.

3.  No food in the classroom.  (See #2)

4.  Use positive language, no harassment, foul language, or derogatory remarks.

5.  Respect others physical and mental well-being.

6.  Keep your school safe.

7.  The cell phone policy will be strictly enforced in this room.  If you have time to text or tweet during these classes, you don't belong in this classroom.

8.  All homework will be finished when the class period begins.  Plan to get to school early or stay late to get extra help on concepts that are difficult.

9.  All tests will be completed in the class period taken (70 min).  Prepare diligently!



1.  Verbal warning.

2.  Conversation in the hall.

3.  Student completes reflective behavior improvement plan and reviews with teacher.

4.  Teacher initiated parent contact and referral to assistant principal.

5.  Staff meeting with parent, student, and administration to develop a behavior improvement plan.


You will be expected to have any assignments or readings done by the beginning of the class period.  If you miss a day of class due to illness, absence, etc., you will be expected to get the notes and find out what you missed from another classmate or my website.  Tests or quizzes need to be made up within a week of your absence.  If you miss an extended amount of class, considerations will be made on a case by case scenario.  Remember this class receives college level credit.  Students will be expected to give a college level effort (one hour outside class for every one hour in class!)

HourClassText BookCollege Course Number
Hour 1Introduction to Statistics A"Statistics & Data Analysis" by Peck, Olsen, and DevoreMath 1030
Hour 2Calculus I"Calculus" by Larson, Hostetler, and EdwardsMath 2001
Hour 3Introduction to Statistics A"Statistics & Data Analysis" by Peck, Olsen, and DevoreMath 1030
Hour 4Prep
Hour 5Introduction to Statistics B"Statistics & Data Analysis" by Peck, Olsen, and DevoreMath 1030