Team Rules/Expectations

-Be early!

-Know practice time and place.

-When in doubt, ASK!

-Be ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you!

  • Sunscreen
  • Long Johns
  • Golf shoes
  • Hat/gloves.

-Show high character.

Honesty and integrity. We are the only sport without referees or umpires.
Work hard at school.
Classes may be missed. You have to be responsible.
If you don't take care of business in the classroom, it may result in missed practice and meets!
Be a good citizen in the halls.
Show class on the golf course and around town.
Whether you are playing your best or worst, respect the game, your team mates, opponents, and coaches.

-Dress sharp.

We are proud to be Spartan and represent ROCORI.
Conference rules for dress.

  • Hat straight.
  • No jeans.
  • Professional attire.

-No phone use during a round of qualifying or in matches.

-Phones should be off and not seen during practice unless directed by a coach.