Non-Linear Algebra

Non-Linear Algebra

Course Syllabus

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Mr. Jon Czech

Room #:  B106     Phone #: 320-685-8683 ext 4107




Algebra 1 

McGraw-Hill Education.  2018




5-Subject notebook or loose-leaf paper

Graphing Calculator



Course Overview

In Non-Linear Algebra students will use problem solving and reasoning skills to solve real-life algebraic concepts that align with the graduation performance standards along with the MCA graduation requirements.  A heavy emphasis will be placed on the basic concepts of algebra including linear and quadratic equations, polynomials, functions, Trigonometry, and Statistics.  A portion of the class will also be an emphasis on the use of calculators and technology to assist with problem solving.




My grades are done on the computer and will be updated regularly.  Occasionally I well send home progress reports that may be signed by a parent or guardian for extra credit.


Your daily assignments are based on a 4,3,2,1 point system.  Your score for a particular daily assignment will drop a point for each day it is late.  For example, if you turn an assignment in one day late, you can only receive a maximum of three points.  Excused absences will be given two days to complete the work for full credit.  For Tests or Quizzes, students will have to complete by the end of each term, otherwise their score will be a 0.  Students will lose one point on their assignment if they forget to put their name on it or if it is done in something other than a pencil.  Absolutely no phones/electronics will be allowed out during any quiz or test!!!


Grading Scale:

The grading scale for this class is indicated below:


                        100% -93%     ---------A                 76.99% - 73%    ---------C

                    92.99% -90%     ---------A-               72.99% - 70%    ---------C-

                    89.99% -87%     ---------B+              69.99% - 67%    ---------D+

                    86.99% -83%     ---------B                 66.99% - 63%    ---------D

                    82.99% -80%     ---------B-               62.99% - 60%    ---------D-

                    79.99% -77%     ---------C+              59.99% - Below ---------F


Your grade will be based on two different grading weights:

Tests/Quizzes/Projects are worth 70% of your grade.

Daily assignments are worth 30% of your grade




The classroom is based around the issue of respect. 


            *Absolutely no pop, food, or candy is allowed (this may change at my discretion)

            *Students are required to have a pencil, paper, and calculator at all times. 

            *Students will not be excused from the room until everything around their desk has been picked up, the room is clean.

            *Once the bell rings, students are required to be in the room. 

*Only one student will be allowed out of the room at a time.  Office, locker, bathroom, etc.

            *No hats, coats, and/or backpacks are allowed in the classroom.

            *No cheating!  If you are caught cheating you will receive an automatic F for that assignment, test or project.

            *It is expected that you would treat everyone and everything in the classroom as you would like to be treated.  Remember, RESPECT is a two way street. 

In order to get it, you have to give it.



Classroom expectations/Rules:

As stated earlier, my classroom is based around RESPECT! 

It is a requirement that you follow all the rules. 


My classroom discipline policy directly follows the ROCORI School-Wide Management plan. 









***This syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion!***