Meaghan Baynes

The weekly schedule is subject to change depending on events in the classroom, I will make all efforts not to move up due dates unnecessarily.

    General Biology 1                            Physical Science 1                         Physical Science 2

Mon 2/26:

Review Photosynthesis

Notes: Photosynthesis drawing

Work time: study guide (Ch. 8 DUE tomorrow)

Mon 2/26:

Labs: Inclined Plane

          Lever (start)

Mon 2/26:

Review Naming compounds, writing formulas

Notes: Types of reactions/Balancing

Worktime: worksheet

Tue 2/27: (Mrs. Gruebele's room bc of ACT)

Waterweed simulation

Go over ch. 8 study guide

Worktime: ch 9 study guide


Tue 2/27: (MAC lab bc of ACT)

Notes: Simple Machines

Worktime: simple machines study guide, labs, lever worksheet

Tue 2/27:

Quiz: Formula and naming compounds

Finish notes on balancing

Worktime: balancing equations

Wed 2/28:

Notes: Cellular Respiration

Worktime: Study Guide

Wed 2/28:

Finish Lever lab

Pulley lab


Wed 2/28:

Types of reactions lab


Thur 3/1:

Review Cellular Respiration

Notes: Cellular respiration Drawing

Thur 3/1:

Notes: Simple Machines

Worktime: labs, MA problems, Efficiency problems

Thur 3/1:

Go over lab

Balancing Equations work

Notes: Formula mass

Fri 3/2:

Cell NRG ATP lab

Worktime: Ch. 9 study Guide (DUE Monday)

Fri 3/2:

Demo video upload

Finish simple machine notes (if not done)

Worktime: MA and Efficiency problems

Fri 3/2:


Make notecard

Finish work from Unit

Mon 3/5:


Go over ch 9 Study guide

Mon 3/5:

Rube Goldberg Blueprint and project videos DUE


Mon 3/5: Compounds and reactions test

Tue 3/6:

Ch. 8 and 9 test (Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration)


Review for test (Test Wed)

Tue 3/6: Acids and bases



Mon 2/19:

No Class


Mon 2/19:

No Class

Mon 2/19

No Class

Tue 2/20:

Notes: Active Transport

Worktime: Study Guide (due Wed)

Organelle Analogy (Due Wed)

Egg lab report (Due today)

Tue 2/20:

Introduce Rube Goldberg (blueprint Due Wed Feb 28th, Project due Mon March 5)

Video: Bill Nye Simple Machines

Tue 2/20:

Review for test

Go over notecard information

Practice problems (bohr, lewis dot, ion, isotope)

Wed 2/21:

Check study guide 7.3/7.4


Wed 2/21:

Lab: Work and Power

Work time: Work and power study guide with horsepower

Wed 2/21:

Unit 10 exam

Atoms combining study guide worktime

Thur 2/22:

Chapter 7 test

Notes: Photosynthesis

Thur 2/22:

Notes: Simple Machines

Review/Make notecard for quiz

Worktime: Study Guide

Thur 2/22:

Notes: Ionic compounds

Worktime: Ionic compounds worksheet (Due Mon)

Fri 2/23:

Notes: Photosynthesis

Make Photosynthesis drawing

Work time: Study Guide

Fri 2/23:

Work and Power Quiz

Notes: Simple Machines

Work time: Simple Machines Study Guide

Fri 2/23:

Review ionic compounds, questions on worksheet?

Notes: Covalent compounds

Worktime: compounds worksheet



Mon 2/12:

Review and reinforce organelle (Co teaching)

Egg to Syrup (check 7.2 completion during)

Cell City Analogy

Smart Board

Mon 2/12:

Quizizz with partner- heat review

Quiz: Heat

Test review problems/slides


Mon 2/12:

Notes: trends, families and properties


Tue 2/13:

Egg to Water

Organelle Quiz

Notes: Passive Transport

Work Time 7.3 Due Mon

Tue 2/13:


Test: Energy/Heat

Study Guide (1st P/both sides)

Tue 2/13:

Alien periodic table

Wed 2/14:

Egg Lab (measure and clean)

Report Due Mon

Present Edible Cell

Wed 2/14:

Notes: Work and Power

Worktime: St Gd

Work and Power Wksht

Wed 2/14:

Alkaline earth metal lab




Mon 2/5:

Cell Notes: Microscopes

Microscope Lab Part 1

Worktime: cell color, 7.1 Study Guide

Mon 2/5:

COR Lab graphing ?’s

Notes: Thermal Energy-Temp.

Worktime: Thermal NRG pkt

(Rube Goldberg video OKGo)

Mon 2/5:


Tue 2/6:

Notes: Euk vs Pro

Microscope Lab Part 2


Tue 2/6:


Notes: Heat transfer

Lab: Convection

Worktime: Thermal NRG pkt

Tue 2/6

History of atomic theory notes


Wed 2/7:

Introduce Edible Cell

Check 7.1

Cells Alive Webquest (Due Thur)



Wed 2/7:


Notes: Specific Heat (heat equation and quick explanation)

Lab: Heat Exchange

Wed 2/7:

Make a stable atom simulation

Thur 2/8:

Review Microscope Parts

Microscope Quiz

Cell Color Due

Notes: Cell Parts 1

Work Time: Finish Webquest (due today), 7.2 (Due Mon)

Thur 2/8:


Lab instructions

Lab: Specific Heat of Metals

Start Notecard

Thur 2/8:

Periodic table activity

Fri 2/9:

Notes: Cells Part 2

Start Egg Lab (egg into vinegar)

Work Time: 7.2 (Due Mon)

Fri 2/9:

Kahoot: heat transfer

Heat problems/Examples- whiteboards

Heat problems (half sheet)

Finish labs




Mon 1/29:

Invasive Species Video

Say something activity

Study Guide (Due Thur)


Mon 1/29:

Notes: KE and PE

Worktime: KE and PE worksheet

Mon 1/29:

Elements Quiz

Notes: Compounds/Molecules

Chemical Change Lab


Tue 1/30:

5.1 notes 

Video wolves and rivers

Kaibab Deer Lab

Tue 1/30:

Review KE and PE

Finish KE and PE worksheet 

Mechanical Energy Calculations


Tue 1/30:

Review Notes: Molecules

Molecule lab

Wed 1/31:

Notes: 5.2 

Work Time: Chapter 5 study guide

Wed 1/31:

?’s on KE/PE worksheet or Mech Energy WKSHTs

Lab: Mechanical Energy


Wed: 1/31:

Notes: Solutions and mixtures

Thur 2/1:

5.2 Notes 

Yeast Lab

Study Guide Due

Thur 2/1:

Collect Mech Energy worksheet

Quiz: PE/KE

Thermal Energy Pkt

Thurs 2/1:

Quiz: Element, Compound, Mixture


Fri 2/2:


Ch 5 Quiz

Cell Notes

Cell Coloring

7.1 Study Guide (due Wed)

Fri 2/2:

Video: COR

Notes: COR

Lab: Bouncing Ball

Worktime: Thermal NRG pkt

Fri 2/2:

Unit 9 Test


Mon 1/22:

Review Notes

Work time: Biome Map (Due Wed), study guide (Due Tue), Cycles posters (Due Wed)

Mon 1/22:

Review momentum, projective motion, centripetal motion

Lab: momentum and velocity

Momentum ½ sheet, test review packet

Mon 1/22:

Finish Sludge (if need extra time in lab), work on write up, finish periodic table project

Tue 1/23:

Review Biomes (smart notes),

Check Study Guide

Work time: Cycles posters


Tue 1/23:

Finish lab

Notes on lab (what did we learn)

Force/Momentum Quiz (no notecard)

Test review packet (Due Thur)


Tue 1/23:

Sludge write up work, Periodic Project due

Wed 1/24:

Collect Cycles posters and biome maps

Macro Invertebrates (Sauk River Wateshed)

Wed 1/24:

Return Quiz (corrections for some)


Test review packet (Due Thur)

Make notecard

Momentum ½ sheet (Ex Cr)

Wed 1/24: Start Unit 4 

Properties, atoms, elements, mixtures and solutions

Thur 1/25:

Water Chemistry

Review for Chapter 3 Quiz

Thur 1/25:

Force/Momentum Test



Fri 1/26: (3 hour early out)

Chapter 3 Quiz


Fri 1/26: (3 hour early out)

BN Video Energy

Fri 1/26: (3 hour early out)

BN Vidoe


Mon 1/15:

No class

No Class

No Class

Tue 1/16:

Go over Unit 2 test

Notes: 3.1 & 3.2 Ecology

Start Tangled Web (Due Fri)


Tue 1/16:

review Friction Lab (what they should have learned/observed)

Notes: Gravity-F=ma

Worktime: F=ma wrksht (Due Fri)

Newton Laws ½ sheet wrksht (Due Wed)

Tue 1/16:

Sludge Test/Periodic Project

Wed 1/17:

Review 3.1 & 3.2

Notes: 3.3 & 3.4

Worktime:  Tangled Web and Study Guide (Due Wed), Vocab

Wed 1/17:

Go over ½ worksheet

Newton’s Law Lab

Worktime: F=ma wrksht

Wed 1/17:

Sludge Test/Periodic Project

Thur 1/18:

Check Vocab

Introduce Cycles poster (Due Wed)

Worktime tangled web, cycles poster, study guide (Due Wed)

Thur 1/18:

?’s F=ma

Notes: 2nd law review

Review forces- Newton’s hattrick video?


Go through study guide

Thurs 1/18:

Sludge Test/Periodic Project

Fri 1/19:

Vocab 3.1 & 3.2 Quiz

Tangled Web Due

Biome Webquest (Due Mon)

Fri 1/19:

Notes: momentum

Video: running with momentum

Wrksht: momentum problems


Fri 1/19:

Sludge Test/Periodic Project




Mon 1/8:

Review Organic Compounds (lab and notes)

Review vocab for quiz Tue

Notes: Reactions

Wrktm: 2.3/2.4 St Gu (Due Tue)

Mon 1/8:

Go over SVA Quiz

Notes: what to review

Quizizz and Kahoot review

Work on test review packet


Mon 1/8:


Lab Quiz

Work time review packet

Tue 1/9:

Quick vocab review

Vocab Quiz #2

Check and go through study guide

Tue 1/9:

Quick review, ?’s from review packet


Ch. 4 Study Guide

Tue 1/9:

Go over Lab Quiz/Corrections


Make notecard

Review packet worktime

Wed 1/10:

Introduce Foldable

Lab: Enzyme


Wed 1/10:

Go over Unit 2 test

Notes: forces

Worktime: Ch. 4 study guide

Wed 1/10:

Unit 2 test

Thur 1/11:

Quick review

Partner Quiz chapter 2

missed questions from Quiz

Foldable Worktime

Thur 1/11:

That Mu that you do (video)

Friction forces lab

Work time: Study guide

Thur 1/11:

Sludge test flow chart and details

Fri 1/12:

Unit 2 TEST

Chapter 3 vocab

Fri 1/12:

Bill Nye Video- Friction and motion


Fri 1/12:

Chromatography lab

Sludge test prep


Wed 1/3:

2.3/2.4 vocab due Fri

2.3/2.4 Study guide due Tue 1/9

Review previous notes

Notes: Carbohydrates & Lipids

Lab: Organic Compounds Part 1

Wed 1/3:

Acceleration Due to Gravity Lab

Study Guide check

Review SVA

SVA Quiz Review Worksheet (due end of class tomorrow)

Make ¼ notecard (no worked problems)

Wed 1/3:

Finish work on fractional distillation lab

Review boiling point and properties

Notes: Heating curve/cooling curve, physical properties

Review worksheet


Thur 1/4:

Notes: review carb and lipid


Lab: Organic Compounds Part 2

Thur 1/4:

Questions from review worksheet?

Notes: motion graphs (put directly on ½ sheet notecard)

Make ¼ notecard (no worked problems)

Thur 1/4:

Notes: Solutions and Suspension

Solutions and Suspensions Lab

(Due end of period Fri)

Fri 1/5:

Notes: Nucleic Acids

Lab: Organic Compounds Part 3 (Due today)

Vocab 2.3 & 2.4 Due today

Fri 1/5:


SVA Quiz

Skateboard worksheet (motion graph work) Due Mon

Test review packet (due Tue)

Fri 1/5:

Notes: Filtration

Dissolving and Filtration Lab

(Due Mon)


Mon 12/11:

Go Over 1.3 Study Guide

Review Big Ideas

Review Ind Variable/Dep Variable

Mon 12/11:

Notes: SI Unit/Metric Prefixes

Birthday graphing exercise

Go through Graph packet

Mon 12/11:

Review SI unit conversions

Volume Notes

Volume Lab

Tue 12/12:

Chapter 1 Quiz

Notes: Classification

Work Time Chap 18 Study Guide (Due Thursday)

Tue 12/12:

Notes: Derived Units

Length & Mass Conversions Worksheet

Temp Conversions Worksheet

Tue 12/12:

Density Notes

Density Worksheet


Wed 12/13:

Review Classification

Dichotomous Key Lab

Wed 12/13:

Notes: Dimensional Analysis

Work time: Dimensional Analysis Worksheet

Wed 12/13:

Review Density

Start Density Lab

Density Worksheet Due

Thurs 12/14:

Check and go over Ch 18 Study Guide

Review Ch. 1 and 18

Thurs 12/14:

Midpoint review

Length, Mass, Temp worksheets Due At the end of the hour

Dimensional Analysis Due Fri

Thurs 12/14:

Finish Density Lab

Density Quiz

Fri 12/15

Chapter 1 and 18 Test

Ch 2.1 and 2.2 Vocab (Due Wed)


Fri 12/15:

Questions on Dim Analysis


Make Notecard for Test

Fri 12/15:

Density of Metals Lab

Review SI and Density



Mon 12/18:


Unit 1 Test (use notecard, pink sheet, scratch paper and calculator)

Work time: Ch. 3 Study Guide

Mon 12/18:

Review for Test

Make notecard



Tue 12/19:

Density Test




Mon 12/4: Syllabus

           Safety Contract (DUE NO LATER THAN THURSDAY)


Mon 12/4: Syllabus

               Safety Contract

               Super Ball Lab

Mon 12/4: Syllabus

               Safety Contract


Tue 12/5: Labe Safety Review

          SAFETY QUIZ

          Notes: Scientific Method

Tue 12/5: Procedures

              Notes: Scientific Method; Laws/Theory

Tue 12/5: Notes: SI units review

              Accurate Measurement Activity

              SI Worksheet

Wed 12/6: PRE-TEST

          Chapter 1.1 & 1.2 Study Guide (DUE TOMORROW)

Wed 12/6: Laws & Theory Activity

             Notes: Data

             Ind vs Dep variable work

Wed 12/6: Penny Lab


Thur 12/7: Bubble Gum Lab (NEED SAFETY CONTRACT)

          Check Study Guide

          Ind vs Dep variable

Thur 12/7:

           Ind vs Dep Variable worktime

Thur 12/7: Notes: Conservation of mass

           Conservation of Mass Lab


Fri 12/8: Notes: Living things

          Study Guide 1.3 worktime (DUE MONDAY)


         Notes: Graphing

         Graph Packet Worksheet

Fri 12/8: Notes: Volume

                Volume Lab







Biology                                                                                                         MN DNR

Mon 11/20: Notes: Photosynthesis

             Ch 8 study guide work time due Tue

11/20: Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline debates


Tue 11/21: Notes: Photosynthesis drawing

             Water weed simulation


11/21: Water Quiz

              Final Project work time

Mon 11/27: Notes: Cell Respiration

             Go over Ch 8 study guide

             Ch 9 study guide work time Due Wed

11/27: Final Project presentations

Tue 11/28: Notes: Cell Respiration drawings

                     Cell energy – ATP lab

11/28: Final Project presentations

Wed 11/29: check Ch 9 study guide

                    Finish lab


11/29: finish final project presentations

             Frontline video

             Water and Carbon footprint


Thur 11/30: Unit 5 Exam

11/30: Water and Carbon footprint


Frid 12/1: Post-test

12/1: Video



11/13:  Egg lab day 2

              Check Study Guide 7.2

              Notes: Passive Transport

              Review Cell Parts

              7.3 and 7.4 Study Guide work time (due Thurs)

11/13: Notes: Wetlands

             Frontline Video Pollution

11/14: Egg Lab day 3

             Organelle Quiz

             Notes: Active Transport

             Study Guide worktime

11/14: DNR Fisheries Speaker


11/15: Egg Lab: finish and clean up


11/15: Finish notes, review

             Final Project work time


11/16: Check Study guide

             Finish Egg lab report (Due Friday)


11/16: Introduce Debate format and topic

             Research Enbridge Line 3 pipeline



             Start Photosynthesis

11/17: Research and prepare for debate on Monday



11/20: Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline debate




             Final Presentation work time



10/30: Buckthorn Removal

10/30: Buckthorn Removal


10/31: Check Chapter 5 Study Guide

             Yeast Lab (Due Wed)

10/31: Assign Invasive Species

             Work on Invasive Species presentation and notes with partner

11/1: Review for Chapter 5 Quiz

          Finish Yeast Lab (Due today)

11/1: Finish presentations,

          practice giving presentations

          Article with worksheet (Due Thurs)

11/2: Chapter 5 Quiz

           Cell Coloring

11/2: Invasive Species Presentations and notes

11/3: Notes: Cell Theory

         Cells Alive wwebquest

         7.1 study guide (Due Tue)

11/3: Review for quiz

           Invasive Species Quiz



10/23: Go over Biome Homework

             Check Study Guide

             Cycles posters work time (DUE Wed)

10/23: Invasive Species Notes

             Computer Simulation


10/24: Review Chapter 3

            Kaibab Deer Lab (maybe)

10/24: Scenario introduction/research


10/25: Cycles Poster Due

             Chapter 3 Big Quiz

             Invasive species videos

           Say Something Activity (Invasive Species Articles)

10/25: Scenario research and presentation work with group


10/26: Wolves and rivers video

             5.1 notes

             Chapter 5 study guide (DUE Tue 10/31)             

10/26: Scenario presentation

10/27: Buckthorn removal (invasive species project)


10/27: Buckthorn removal


Upcoming: Chapter 5 Quiz 11/1


Week 6




10/9: Notes 3.1 & 3.2

           Tangled Web Activity

           Chapter 3 study Guide (Due 10/18)


           Finish 400 acre activity

           Forestry notes (history, economics)

           Issues articles

10/10: Water sampling

             Dress for the weather!!!

10/10: Water resource speakers

10/11: Macroinvertebrates

10/11: Dilemma Game


10/12: Water Chemistry

             Finish tangled web (Due today)

             Study Guide worktime

10/12: Forest presentation work time


10/13: (shortened periods)

             Check Vocab 3.1 & 3.2

             Notes 3.3 & 3.4

10/13: Ecology Video


Week 5




10/2: Notes (Chemical Reactions)

          Study for vocab quiz tomorrow

          Work time on Study Guide 2.3 & 2.4

10/2: Wilderness Inquiry Field Trip

10/3: Vocab Quiz 2.3 & 2.4

           Go over organic compounds lab

           Go over study guide 2.2 & 2.3

10/3: Field Trip debrief/discussion

           Forest Dilemma game

           Work time for leaf projects

10/4: Finish going over study guide

          Enzyme Lab

          Introduce foldable

10/4: 400 Acre wood activity (create and design a sustainable 400 acre plot of land with forests)

10/5: Review for test/quiz

           Chapter 2 Quiz

           Foldable work time

10/5: 400 Acre wood activity

          Introduce wetlands/water

         Work time for leaf projects

10/6: Chapter 2 Exam

           Chapter 3 vocab

10/6: DNR speaker





Week 4




9/25: Check study Guide 2.1 & 2.2

           Review vocab 2.1 & 2.2 (Quiz tomorrow)

           Webquest Macromolecules

           Vocab 2.3 & 2.4 Due Friday

9/25: MN Elk article and worksheet worktime

9/26: Vocab Review

           VOCAB QUIZ 2.1 & 2.2

           Notes: Organic Compounds (Carbs)

           Worktime: Study Guide 2.3 & 2.4 Due Tuesday Oct 3

9/26: Go outside to collect leaves

9/27: Review

           Notes: Organic Compounds (Lipids)

           Organic Compound Lab Part I

9/27: Old Growth Forest WebQuest

9/28: Notes: Organic Compounds (Proteins)

           Organic Compound Lab Part II

9/28: Forestry Products/Forestry careers WebQuest

9/29: Check 2.3 & 2.4 Vocab

           Organic Compound Lab Part III

           Notes: Nucleic Acids

9/29: Forestry notes

           Worktime on leaf projects

           FIELD TRIP MONDAY 10/2

Upcoming dates: Vocab Quiz 2.3 & 2.4 Tuesday 10/3

                             Unit 2 test Friday 10/6


Week 3




9/18 Unit 1 review

          2.1-2.2 vocab due Fri 9/22

9/18: Team Debate research

9/19: Unit 1 TEST

           Work on 2.1-2.2 vocab due Fri

           Work on ch. 2 study guide- Due Mon9/25

9/19 Debate Prep

         Debate I

9/20: Prequiz

           Notes-Atoms & Elements

           Work on Study Guide

9/20: Debate II

           Intro leaf project

9/21: Notes-water

           Surface Tension Activity

           Diffusion demo

9/21: Speaker

9/22: Notes- pH

           pH lab (WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES)

           2.1-2.2 vocab DUE

9/22: Mammals Notes Quiz

           Elk article


1General Biology 1
2Physical Science 1
3Physical Science 1
4Physcial Science 2
5 Prep