6. Resources

Make sure to ALWAYS click Save at the bottom when you are done to save your changes!!!

The Resources tab is an easy to place to put links to various resources you want to share with students and parents.

There are two fields to fill out for each resource: A display name, and the URL to the web page you want to share.

  • The "Title" box is where you type in the display name.  This is what people will see and click on when they see your resources list.


  • The "URL" box is where you type in the address to the web page you want them to go to when they click on the resource.


  • You can re-order the resources as well.  Click and drag the + symbol with arrows on each end.  As you move them up and down you can place them in any order you want.


  • You can add more by clicking on the Add another item button at the bottom.