2. Section Overview

Your basic web page has five different sections plus contact information where you can put important information for students and parents:

  • Contact information and About Me sections: The small box at the top allows you to specify what subject/grade you teach, your phone extension, and your room number.  Next to that is your e-mail address.  In the About Me section, you can fill out a small bio about yourself to let students and parents learn more about you.

  • Announcements tab: Here you can put in any important annoucements you wish to share (test dates, up coming projects, etc).

  • Classroom Schedule: Here you can fill out table with your schedule of classes you teach each day.  You can create any headings you want and make it as large or small as needed for your schedule.

  • Resources: Here you can put a list of links together to various web sites that you want to share with your students (such as your Moodle page).

  • Blog: You can maintain a blog here as well, and you can see it on the Blog tab.

Continue onto the next section to learn about editing your About Me tab.