Lea Frank

Hello! I am originally from the Brainerd area.  During and after college I was a Just For Kix dance director for 14 years. While directing dance programs I also did substitute teaching. In 2008 I was a long term substitute teacher in the ROCORI district for half of the school year and in 2009 I was hired by the ROCORI school district full time. This is my third year teaching 4th grade at John Clark Elementary and it is my second year coaching the ROCORI dance team "The Rockettes".

Our family has lived in Cold Spring for nine years.  I have two step sons that attend ROCORI High School and my husband and I have two kids that attend CSE (Kooper and Mya). 


Hello & welcome to 4th grade! I'm excited to get our school year started.  

Mrs. Frank
8:30-8:45 Morning Meeting8:30-9:20 Media8:30-9:20 Media8:30-9:20 Art8:30-8:45 Morning Meeting
8:45-9:40 Math9:20-9:40 Morning Meeting9:20-9:40 Morning Meeting9:20-9:40 Math8:45-9:15 Spelling/DLR
9:40-10:40 Academic Reading9:40-10:40 Academic Reading9:40-10:40 Academic Reading9:40-10:40 Academic Reading9:15-10:15 Math
10:40-11:00 Break/Spelling10:40-11:00 Break/Handwriting/DLR10:40-11:00 Break/Spelling/DLR10:40-11:00 Break/Math10:15-10:30 Break/Read Aloud
11:00-11:50 Phy-ed11:00-12:00 Math11:00-12:00 Math11:00-11:50 Choir10:30-11:00 Computer Lab
11:50-12:00 Read Aloud12:00-12:20 Recess12:00-12:20 Recess11:50-12:00 Read Aloud11:00-12:00 Music
12:00-12:20 Recess12:20-12:45 Lunch12:20-12:45 Lunch12:00-12:20 Recess12:00-12:20 Recess
12:20-12:45 Lunch12:45-1:30 Language Arts12:45-1:30 Language Arts12:20-12:45 Lunch12:20-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:30 Language Arts1:30-2:00 Academic Math1:30-2:00 Academic Math12:45-1:30 Language Arts12:45-1:30 Language Arts
1:30-2:00 Academic Math2:00-2:15 Planners/Work Time2:00-2:15 Planners/Work Time1:30-2:00 Academic Math1:30-2:00 Social Studies
2:00-2:10 Clean up/Planners2:15-2:40 Phy-ed2:15-2:40 Social Studies/Science2:00-2:15 Planners/Work Time2:00-2:30 Fun Friday
2:10-2:30 Kind. Buddies2:45 Dismiss2:45 Dismiss2:15-2:40 Phy-ed2:30-2:40 Friday Folders/Planners
2:30-2:40 Work Time2:45 Dismiss2:45 Dismiss
2:45 Dismiss