Netsupport Tutor Console

How to use NetSupport in a computer lab

On the each teacher computer in each computer lab, there is a program installed called "NetSupport School Tutor Console" (the icon is a yellow star).  If the icon is not on the Desktop of the computer, you can find it in the All Programs > NetSupport School folder.

When you first open the program, it show you the Welcome screen:

You do not need to click on Classroom or Network, just click Start.  After you click Start it will bring up the main window and a Class Wizard window

Check the box that says "Don't show this dialog again" in the lower left and click Ok.

Once you are in, it will populate the list of computers for your lab.  If no one is logged in, it will have the name of the computer under it, such as "RMS-D101-1945."  If a student is logged into the computer, it will show their name instead of the computer name.

By default, the screen is configured to show icons like you see above.  If you prefer a list view instead of the icon grid, click on the "View" menu on the top of the window, and select "Details."  If you want to instead of icons have a view of what is on each persons screen, you can select "Monitor View" from the "View" menu as well.

If you need to remotely connect and control a student's computer from your teacher workstation, simply double click on the student's computer in the Tutor Console, and it will open a new window showing the student's computer and you can control it like you are sitting in front of it.

You can also control the student computers using the buttons across the top.  You can select a single student computer, or several by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen to select multiple computers, just like you do when select files in your network folder.

Here is what each button does (you can also see a description of its function by hovering your mouse over it):

  • Lock - It will lock the keyboard and mouse for the computer(s) you have selected, preventing them from doing anything on their computer.
  • Unlock - It will unlock the keyboard and mouse for the comptuer(s)) you have selected, restoring their ability to use their keyboard and mouse.
  • Co-Browse - This will open a web browser both on your computer, and on the student computer(s).  From here, you can navigate to a website and it will be emulated on the student computer(s) as well.  By default the students cannot interact with the browser on their computer so they cannot interrupt what you are doing.  If you want to allow the students to take control of their session to go where they want after you get them to a certain point, you can click the Locked icon in the upper right side and change it from Locked Students to Free Students.  If you want to lock it again to navigate for the students, click on it again and change back to Lock Students.
  • Web Access - You can use this button to disable access to the Internet, while allowing students to continue using their computers for other things.  Click on Web Access and select "Restrict All."  When you want to re-enable Internet access for them, click on Web Access again and select Unrestricted.
  • The Blank All button will turn every student's computer screen black, basically locking their screen so they cannot use the computer.
  • The Mange button will allow you to log students off the computer at the end of a class, or power them off at the end of the day.  The power on feature does not work at this time.