Jan Clements

Welcome to the Media Center. I hope you find a GREAT book to read and maybe a new favorite author. You will find my favorite links on the resource page.  I would really like to encourage everyone to have a public library card.  Prepare to be amazed at how many wonderful resources are available to you when you use your public library card.

Mrs. Clements


  • We have a new resource for students at CSE. You can find it on the Destiny Homepage under Activities or on this page under resources. It is Overdrive for school.  Ask your student for the code. There are hundreds of wonderful ebooks and audio books to use with your mobile devices.


Library Rules



Students will be asked to have out one "Good Fit"  book each time they check out.

Books may be checked out for two weeks.

Any books overdue by four weeks will be fined the amount of the book.

Any books returned in damaged condition will be fined the amount of the book.

A refund will be made if a book has been paid for with cash and it is found and returned in good condition. The refund will be put in the student's lunch fund unless otherwise instructed.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3Day 4
9:20-10:10 Grade 2 Haakenson 9:20-10:10 Grade 2 Torborg9:20-10:10 Grade 2 Posch 9:20-10:10 Grade 2 Kramer
10:10-11:00 Grade 4 Klinkner10:10-11:00 Grade 4 Schneider 10:10-11:00 Grade 4 Spanier10:10-11:00 Grade 4 Spindler
11:00-11:50 Grade 3 Johnson11:00-11:50 Grade 3 Rowe11:00-11:50 Grade 3 Freeman11:00-11:50 Grade 3 Baumann
12:20-1:10 Grade 5 Kothrade12:20-1:10 Grade 5 Walsh12:20-1:10 Grade 5 Meyer12:20-1:10 Grade 5 Blonigen
1:10-2:00 Kindergarten Freeman1:10-2:00 Kindergarten McDougall1:10-2:00 Kindergarten Cardinal1:10-2:00 Kindergarten Linz
2:00-2:50 Grade1 Walker2:00-2:50 Grade1 Brettingen2:00-2:50 Grade1 Asfeld